A former idol group member was summoned by the police for questioning while trying to buy a general anesthetic inducer

A former idol group member was caught by the police while trying to buy etomidate, a general anesthetic inducer.

“SBS 8 News,” which aired on July 27th, reported that A, a former idol group member, was confirmed to have been investigated by the police for trying to purchase the etomidate, a general anesthetic inducer, More and more people are sneaking out etomidate because it is increasingly difficult to find propofol, a substance that is considered a drug.

According to SBS, late last month, A was summoned as a witness in connection with a drug case. The police found out that A was involved in the case when they investigated an illegal dealer who sold marijuana and etomidate without a prescription.

However, A denied the purchase and use of the drug, saying he/she had never bought or used drugs and only checked if they were available. A also received a negative result from a hair test. A’s agency said, “A has been prescribed for treatment purposes, but A never purchased them illegally.”

Etomidate, which has not been considered as a drug due to its lack of addiction and hallucination, is a sleeping anesthetic substance. Excessive doses may cause respiratory failure, so one must get a doctor’s prescription before using it.

Sources: Nate

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