A famous female singer revealed that one of her new year’s resolutions is “good sex”

The new year’s resolutions unveiled by singer Baek Ye Rin (25) are drawing attention among netizens with unconventional content.

On Dec 27th, Baek Ye Rin unveiled 13 new year’s resolutions on Instagram. Baek Ye Rin cited “good sex” as one of her new year’s resolutions along with “call mom and dad often”, “stop worrying too much”, “love and pet my dogs more”, “volunteer at the animal shelter”, “drink less”… Netizens are responding that it is a goal that gives a glimpse of Baek Ye Rin’s free-spirited thinking.

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In 2007, when Baek Ye Rin was 10 years old, she appeared as a “10-year-old ballad genius” on SBS’ “Amazing Contest Star King”. At that time, she sang Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” and won. Afterwards, she participated in JYP Entertainment’s open audition and started her trainee life with the second place overall. At that time, 2PM’s Jang Woo Young took first place and BEAST’s Yoon Doo Joon took third place. She later made her debut by forming a duo called “15&” with Park Ji Min, who is best known as the winner of the first season of “K-pop Star”. After 15& disbanded, she gained popularity by releasing her first EP “FRANK” in November 2015 with JYP’s support and Cloud’s production.

baek yerin instagram

After the release of the digital single “Love you on Christmas” in December 2016, she took a break from broadcasting for about 2 years and only appeared at concerts and festivals. In March 2019, she released her second EP “Our love is great” and broke her own record for digital music.

Baek Ye Rin is a musician with solid basic skills, vocalization and unrivaled tone. In particular, her singing style is evaluated as impressive. Her main focus is R&B and ballad, but she has excellent musicality that can digest almost all genres with her own sensibility, including rock covers from 2017.

baek yerin instagram

Baek Ye Rin formed the rock band “The Volunteers” in 2018. In rock band activities, she introduces emotional songs that are not shown in solo activities. Since the EP and full album released in 2019, she has been showing off her ability as a singer-songwriter by participating in composing and arranging songs.

The fact that Baek Ye Rin chose “good sex” as one of her new year’s resolutions seems to be related to her longing for freedom that is not bound by the title of a popular musician. She said she felt rock band Oasis’ freedom while watching their documentary and wanted to feel that way while doing music. Having multiple tattoos on her body also appears to be in line with her pursuit of freedom.

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Source: Wikitree

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