A famous female idol is getting married tomorrow, certified her special “friendship”

A member of a famous girl group released a special friendship photo a day before her wedding.

Actress Go Woo-ri, a former member of girl group Rainbow, posted a photo on her Instagram on Oct 2nd with the caption, “We are so pretty.”

Go Woo-ri

The released photo shows the Rainbow members gathered together to celebrate Go Woo-ri’s wedding. In the photo, they dressed in white outfits and smiled brightly, making even the viewers happy.

Go Woo-ri

Fans are impressed by the members’ loyalty as they still continue their friendship even after the team disbanded. In addition, Go Woo-ri posted a proof shot of her “Bride Shower” prepared by her team members and said, “I am so blessed. Thank you, my members. I’ll live happily. I love you. A moving bridal party. Rainbow is happy,” showing how grateful she was.

Go Woo-ri

Finally, Go Woo-ri and the Rainbow members caught the attention by posing in unique poses while wearing sunglasses, giving off a chic atmosphere. Netizens commented on the photo posted on Go Woo-ri’s Instagram, “Congratulations,” “Rainbow Forever,” “So pretty, really,” “They look so happy,” “I’m excited,” and “I hope you guys are happy.”

Go Woo-ri

On Sep 3rdm Go Woo-ri will be the second Rainbow member to get married after Ji-sook. Her future husband is a businessman five years older than her. The couple has reportedly been in a serious relationship since they met a year ago at the introduction of an acquaintance.

Source: Wikitree

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