A famous boy group member is reported of disturbing his neighbor with the noise from his apartment

A member of a famous boy group is suspected of causing constant noise, disturbing his neighbor.

On Mar 10th, an article titled “Exposing the noise problem from the apartment of a famous idol group member” was posted on the online community Nate pann.

Author A, who revealed they live in Gangnam, Seoul, claimed that they have been suffering from noise from their neighbor since a celebrity moved to the upper apartment recently.

secret member

A said, “I held back because I thought it was a family that was raising children. If it becomes too loud, I used to protest by tapping on the ceiling, but the noise is getting worse and worse. I can’t sleep. I’m suffering from all kinds of noise day and night,” they confessed.

A complained, “I inquired the management office and sent an e-mail to the agency, but there’s still no progress,” adding, “I’m really frustrated about what to do.”

secret member

“I want to solve this well without any fuss because I’m concerned about criticism if this is publicly revealed or if the situation worsens. What should I do?” A ended their post..

A did not comment on the identity of the mentioned idol. However, public curiosity is growing as he is mentioned as a “currently famous boy group member.”


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