9 most iconic K-dramas that star the “beauty goddess” Song Hye Kyo 

As a “beauty goddess of Korea”, actress Song Hye Kyo never fails to boast her stunning visuals and overwhelming chemistry in all of her works, thus winning over the hearts of numerous K-drama fans. 

Song Hye Kyo

Below are 9 most notable K-dramas that the actress has starred in. 

1. Autumn In My Heart (2000)

Song Hye Kyo rose to stardom after starring with Song Seung Hun in “Autumn In My Heart” 

“Autumn In My Heart” follows the tragic love story of Yun Joon Suh (Song Seung Hun) and Eun Suh (Song Hye Kyo), who grew up as siblings in a wealthy family. 

Tragedy occurs when Eun Suh was discovered to not be the family’s real daughter, and thus was sent away back to her biological family. Later on, she reunited with Joon Suh, and fell in love with him. 

The series, which achieved massive popularity across Asia, boosted Song Hye Kyo to a top star status, and was the foundation of the fame Song Hye Kyo enjoys today. 

2. All In (2003) 

All Im
Song Hye Kyo and Lee Byung Hun in “All In”

“All In” follows the male lead Kim In Ha (Lee Byung Hun), who works as a conman in a casino, and has feelings for Min Soo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) – the daughter of a man in heavy debt. He ended up killing a man while fighting, and was imprisoned for such crime. After his sentence ended, In Ha met So Yeon again, kickstarting a romance for the history books. 

Released in 2004, “All In” is one of Song Hye Kyo’s most successful works, with ratings surpassing 47%. 

3. Full House (2004) 

Full House Korean cast
Song Hye Kyo and Bi Rain in “Full House” 

It is impossible not to mention “Full House” in a list of Song Hye Kyo’s most impressive works, seeing that this collaboration with Bi Rain later became a sensation across Asia. 

The series revolves around the female lead Han Ji Eun (Song Hye Kyo), whose parents passed away and lived alone in a house her father once designed. However, two friends of hers secretly sold the house to the male lead Lee Young Jae (Bi Rain), leaving Ji Eun homeless. 

To be able to continue living in her old house, Ji Eun had no choice but to act as Young Jae’s servant. They soon developed a close relationship, and entered a marriage contract for their own respective purposes. 

4. Worlds Within (2008) 

Song Hye Kyo-Hyun bin
Song Hye Kyo and Hyun Bin in “Worlds Within” 

This romantic K-drama featured Hyun Bin as the male lead Ji Oh and Song Hye Kyo as the female lead Joon Young. 

In “Worlds Within”, viewers can gain an insight into the lives of media staff, including their jobs and heart-fluttering romance. 

5. That Winter, The Wind Blows (2013) 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo and Jo In Sung in “That Winter, The Wind Blows”

In “That Winter, The Wind Blows”, Song Hye Kyo transformed into the blind heiress Oh Young. Meanwhile, Jo In Sung played the orphan Oh Soo, who pretended to be Oh Young’s lost brother to steal her fortune. 

In the end though, Oh Soo started to fall for his pretend sister, thus starting a tear-jerking romance. 

Via this series, Song Hye Kyo earned numerous nominations and awards, including Top 10 Star and Best Actress at the 2013 SBS Drama Awards.

6. Descendants Of The Sun (2016) 

Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki in “Descendants Of The Sun”

“Descendants Of The Sun” focuses on the love story between female doctor Kang Mo Yeon (Song Hye Kyo) and soldier Yoo Shi Jin (Song Joong Ki). At first, the two bickered like children, but then grew closer to each other than everyone else. Throughout the course of the series, Mo Yeon and Shi Jin went through multiple hardships together, and even faced death. It was only after several heartbreaking events that they truly got to be with each other. 

There’s no word to describe the phenomenon that was “Descendants Of The Sun”, seeing that the series has swept through the entire world and won over the hearts of audiences both in and outside of Korea. 

7. Encounter (2018) 

Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum in “Encounter”

2 years after “Descendants Of The Sun”, Song Hye Kyo returned with “Encounter”, where she starred alongside actor Park Bo Gum

In this series, the actress assumed the role of hotel owner Cha Soo Hyun, who had gone through a divorce. However, she later fell for young photographer Jin Hyuk, a man way below her league, making for a love story full of challenges, status issues, and class differences.

“Encounter” was also the series that stemmed rumors about an external affair between Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum, as the actress divorced her ex-husband just a year later this K-drama ended. 

8. Now, We Are Breaking Up (2021) 

Now We Are Breaking Up
Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”

In 2021, Song Hye Kyo starred in “Now, We Are Breaking Up”, her first K-drama since her divorce. The series follows the steps of fashion designer Ha Yeon Eun (Song Hye Kyo), and the photographer Yoon Jae Goo (Jang Ki Yong), as well as their turbulent romance. 

As a department leader at fashion company “The One”, Ha Yeong Eun attended the Korean Fashion Week, where she met and had a one night stand with a stranger. 

However, she later reunited with this man, who turns out to be Yoo Jae Gook – the brother of her ex-lover. The two soon get entangled in a muddling yet passionate love, while still maintaining their own careers.

9. The Glory (2022) 

Song Hye Kyo
Song Hye Kyo will co-star with Lee Do Hyun in “The Glory”  

In 2022, Song Hye Kyo will reportedly star in a new K-drama project called “The Glory”. This series will be penned by screenwriter Kim Eun Sook, who is behind hit Kdramas like “The Heirs”, “Descendants of the Sun”, “Mr. Sunshine”, “Goblin”, and most recently, “The King: Eternal Monarch”. 

In “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo will co-star with rising actor Lee Do Hyun, and will turn into a vengeful woman, who becomes the teacher of her past tormentors’ child. 

Source: Harper Bazaar Vietnam

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