8 K-pop idol debut songs that achieved Real Time All-Kill: Half are from YG

From 2NE1 to NewJeans, these debut songs are breaking records through and through. 

Fire – 2NE1

Real Time All-Kill (RAK) is an honorable and admirable accomplishment in reference to a song that is able to secure a place at the top of all music charts under the iChart system simultaneously. In 2009, YG debuted the first girl group with the unique girl crush concept named 2NE1, who quickly became an intimidating opponent to virtually all top groups at the time. Not only creating a new genre of music, “Fire” was considered to be the first girl group’s debut song that achieved RAK. Thanks to this “fiery” start, 2NE1 was known as the unstoppable rookie group. 

Bad Girl Good Girl – Miss A

Miss A made their debut under JYP with the song “Bad Girl Good Girl” in 2010, living to their proper investment and expectation of the audience by achieving RAK with their first ever song. “Bad Girl Good Girl” brought miss A to new heights and became a shining rookie group in 2010 that even won the Daesang Award (Grand prize) for “Song of the Year” category. 

Empty – WINNER

WINNER debuted under YG in 2014 with the song “Empty” and quickly made its way up in digital music charts, achieving a Real Time All-Kill that helped the group to bring home the fastest victory cup in weekly music shows in the history of K-pop, in only 5 days. 

My Type – iKON

YG has their third group to attain the RAK after WINNER’s and 2NE1’s resounding success. iKON debuted in 2015, breaking records with their song “My Type”. They were the first generation 3 boy group to earn the Certified All-Kill (CAK) – certification for standing at No.1 of all digital music charts in two time categories, real time and daily, securing a spot on MelOn Chart in 48 weeks. 


As one of the most successful girl groups at present, BLACKPINK and their debut with “Boombayah” and “Whistle” defined “Monstrous Rookies”. If “Boombayah” swept a win in the global market and was the one and only debut song of a music group to reach 1 billion views on YouTube, “Whistle” was favored and well-received among Korean audiences. While “Whistle” was not intended to be a hit, the song still attained the RAK as a debut track, bringing BLACKPINK their music show cups after 13 days of debut. 

Energetic – Wanna One

Wanna One is, no doubt, the most successful group that formed through a survival show who earned the first No.1 trophy after 9 days since their promotional stage with their debut song “Energetic”. The song soon broke in many music charts as well as broadcast shows and won a total of 15 cups. 

Flash – X1

Not losing to their successor, X1, formed through the survival show Produce X 101 with their debut song “Flash”, accomplished an exhaustive achievement from album sales, YouTube metrics and a No.1 spot on MelOn. They helped X1 to become a formidable group in 2019. Up to this point, although X1 has disbanded, “Flash”’s achievements are still a dream of many generation 4 K-pop groups. 

Attention – NewJeans

HYBE’s new group NewJeans is the next “contender” for the “Rookie of the Year” Award of 2022. The unexpected drop of the debut song “Attention” by NewJeans attracted viewers’ attention. They group soon proved themselves with a new album sales record. 

With “Attention”, the group achieved RAK and became the only rookie group of 2022 to have this record. Despite the changing score systems of iChart and the mounting difficulty for a group to make a record, NewJeans’s successfully establishing a new record after two weeks of debut is making the public in awe. 

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