6 most underrated female Kpop visuals (ft. IVE’s Yujin, aespa’s NingNing, and more) 

K-netizens say these female idols have top-notch beauty but are somehow underestimated in their groups. 

Besides members taking on the official visual position as appointed by the companies, many female idols cause regret to netizens because they are just as pretty but lack the opportunity to fully showcase their potential. 

Recently, a Korean netizen started a topic about such unlucky cases in Kpop. According to OP, the following 6 female idols all have gorgeous visuals but most of the time, they are not the ones who gain the most spotlight in their groups. Overall, with their visuals and talents, they deserve more popularity.

Mina (TWICE)

TWICE’s Mina is one of the first female idols that fans think of among the most underrated visuals of Kpop. Before her hiatus, Mina was almost always loyal to safe styling. Her hair was only dyed black or brown, never a bright color so it was a bit difficult for her to stand out from the lineup of TWICE all the time.

But after she began to transform her image with her blonde hair in the comeback for “More & More“, Mina’s graceful visuals were taken to a whole new level. However, she was still somewhat overshadowed by Tzuyu, Sana and Nayeon when it comes to the most buzzworthy visuals and thus could not rise to become a widely acknowledged visual representative of TWICE.

Miyeon ((G)I-DLE)

Miyeon‘s beauty is getting more recognized by the Korean public after she works hard with individual promotions. Miyeon made it into the top of many visual rankings of 4th generation idols. However, according to OP, Miyeon’s visual is too stereotypical. She rarely shows any different vibes other than sweet and gentle, so it can be boring for fans.


Yiren is a typical example of an underestimated visual in Kpop. When she took part in Mnet’s survival show Produce 48, the Chinese female idol captured the hearts of many thanks to her beautiful appearance that made her stand out from other trainees. However, after officially debuting, she could no longer draw much attention for her visuals because of EVERGLOW‘s humble achievements.

Recently, Yiren was announced by Yuehua to have returned to China to continue her studies. Will there be more opportunities for Yiren to step into the limelight in a difficult music industry like Korea?

Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna is currently one of the most prominent visuals of Kpop 4th generation. But OP included her in this list because JYP downgraded Yuna’s visuals since ITZY‘s promotions for WANNABE until Mafia In The Morning by giving her poor stylings.

Thanks to her admirable visual and body figure, Yuna regained her popularity after appearing stunningly on year-end performances in 2021. KPOP fans and media all favor Yuna, but no one can guarantee this young female idol will maintain the heat of her fame for a long time if JYP continues to make her try weird concepts.

NingNing (aespa)

This is not the first time Ning Ning gets mentioned by netizens as aespa’s visual instead of Winter and Karina. Not only owning gorgeous cat eyes like Jennie (BLACKPINK), NingNing also exudes both sexy and lovely vibes. This is one of the most attractive points of NingNing that attracts the attention of all KPOP fans.

Not being pushed by her company, NingNing always stands out among aespa members during group photoshoots. But what is the point of being the most beautiful since SM only considers Karina and Winter aespa’s “fans attractors”?

Yujin (IVE)

Many people pour out complaints whenever IVE’s leader Ahn Yujin gets mentioned. Although Yujin has everything, from shining visual, outstanding talents and great personality, she is still outshone by Wonyoung. Netizens often praise Yujin but not many people become her individual fans due to her visual that is not Koreans’ taste.

From when she was still promoting with IZ*ONE until after making her second debut with IVE, Yujin has always stood out in her group with her harmonious facial features as well as her pure and unique beauty. The fact that this 2003-born idol has not gained enough attention and popularity might be because her time hasn’t come yet.

Unexpectedly, the majority of netizens seem to agree with this topic. They commented:

  • Miyeon has a soft and feminine beauty. She didn’t impress me much at first but I’m into her these days. Among female idols of the 4th generation, she is the most beautiful
  • I agree with 6 idols that OP listed out. NingNing is really attractive but she doesn’t have much chance to shine since Karina and Winter are pushed too much. Mina stands out with her soft and cool image but people only remember Tzuyu when talking about TWICE’s visual. Yiren has already been famous ever since she competed in Produce. I still don’t understand why Shuahua is the visual of (G)I-DLE but not Miyeon. It was JYP that made Yuna be “unknown” for a long time, but this female idol is gaining back her popularity. Yujin is outshone by Jang Wonyoung. They are all beautiful and talented but so unlucky.
  • Apart from Somi and Wongyoung, Yujin has the potential to enter the fashion area
  • I love Yuna because she has the energetic and youthful vibe that not many idols of the 4th generation have. Her body figure is also perfect. JYP girls are all pretty.
  • I think Miyeon and Yuna are the visuals of KPOP’s 4th generation
  • NingNing is getting more and more beautiful. She really stands out among aespa members
  • Mina is so underrated. Non-fans really like her!

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