6 most memorable moments in the first two episodes of “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

“Twenty Five, Twenty One” has attracted many viewers with its emotional and beautiful footage.

Last weekend, tvN’s Twenty Five, Twenty One was off to a good start with positive reviews and nationwide ratings of up to 8%. According to many viewers, the charm of Twenty Five, Twenty One lies in its emotional and aesthetic footage, giving off nostalgic vibes of the youth.

Twenty Five Twenty One episode 2

The drama starts out by introducing the female lead Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) and her journey towards the passion and dream for fencing. Due to the IMF financial crisis, the fencing team at the high school she attends is shut down. In order to continue to pursue her dream and get close to her idol, fencing gold medalist Ko Yoo Rim (Bona), Hee Do seeks ways to get herself transferred to another school.

One of the most memorable scenes in episode 1 is when Hee Do throws down an umbrella to Yoo Rim on a rainy day. Hee Do clearly has a lot of admiration and good feelings for Yoo Rim as she quietly watches her.

To achieve the goal of transferring to a different school, Hee Do does not hesitate to do anything, including going to a nightclub to be caught by the police. Hee Do insists that this is the most important plan of her life. Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) then comforts her, even though her plan is wrong, her motives are good.

After many efforts, Hee Do chooses to use her “privilege” and she successfully transfers to the school of her dreams. The moment Hee Do shouts to announce the news to Yi Jin ends episode 1 with joy.

As for Baek Yi Jin, he used to be a son of a tycoon family, due to the impact of the IMF crisis, his life now becomes difficult. The scene of Yi Jin’s past when he was still a carefree, thoughtless guy aiming for his dream makes many viewers feel pity for his current reality.

Then, Yi Jin’s father’s old acquaintances come to find him. They are asking for his father’s address because they need money. He can feel their pain as he is going through the same. He cannot offer them money or consolation, but he promises them that he will never live happily after his family has caused sorrow to many families. This moment makes many viewers heartbroken when thinking about Yi Jin’s difficult life where he lost his dream and had to leave his family.

After witnessing Yi Jin’s distressing moment, Hee Do comforts him by taking him to her old school. Yi Jin plays in the water with Hee Do as if they were in their youth. They are laughing and enjoying themselves. Hee Do tells him that even though he has promised those people that he would never be happy, he can be happy around her, and she will keep it as their secret. Her words that made viewers emotional ends episode 2 with many resonances.

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