6 months of terror for YG, how much have they lost?

The series of serious scandals from YG seems to have taken away all the financial power of this agency.

6 months of 2019 have past which is definitely not the most pleasant period of time for YG and this agency’s artists. These months have cost them everything, from fame, mental strenght to…money!

6 months full of terror for YG!

Financial analyst recently revealed that YG’s stockprice is still having a downfall after those scandals from their artists which regard banned substances and drugs.YG’s stockprice has fallen to 28.300 won as of June 18th, much lower than that of YG on Dec 26th, 2018 which is 48.950 won. Just in half a year, YG’s stockprice has lost half of its value.

YG’s stock shares of the past 1 year
No one else but the YG artists will have to endure the effect from this downfall while doing everything they can to fix the situation!

Specifically, Yang Hyun Suk, the biggest stockholder of this agency, has lost 65 billion won just in the first half of 2019. Other smaller stockholders of YG also cannot avoid this crisis! NAVER, YG’s 3rd biggest stockholder, has lost 34,3 billion won.

6 months ago, YG Entertainment’s market capitalization value was 890,5 billion won. However, on June 18th 2019, this number has went down 57% to 514,8 billion won. Even though Yang Hyun Suk, his brother Yang CEO, B.I and Seungri have all left YG, specialists think that YG still have lots of obstacle left to overcome and revive the agency. Expectation is heavy on BLACKPINK’s upcoming comeback when they are the only ace of YG right now!

BLACKPINK can now be seen as YG’s only ace left!

Source: Kenh14

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