6 K-drama actress who looks the most gorgeous with short hair

Looking at these 6 K-drama actresses with short hair will make you want to change your hairstyle! 

The K-drama land is full of super beautiful actresses with their own unique features. However, attractive as they are, not everyone can rock a short hairstyle. In fact, some actresses had to go back to their long flowy hair after the short hair downplayed their visuals. Some, though, just look way more outstanding with their hair cut short, and below are 6 K-drama actresses who would make you want to chop your long hair off. 

Song Hye Kyo

First in the list is none other than the Korean beauty standard Song Hye Kyo. Across her career, this actress has tried out various short hair styles, and looks gorgeous in every one of them. So far, Song Hye Kyo has got a short wavy bob, a layered cut with birkin bangs, and most recently, a basic bob with side-parted bangs. No matter what hairstyle this actress adorns, she is only going to look like a rich lady that exudes luxurious vibes. 


The idol-actress UEE has been attracting a lot of attention for her transformed visuals and physique. She has put on weight and gained an hour-glass body that’s super alluring. 

With a bob cut, UEE looks all the more beautiful. The hairstyle perfectly highlights UEE’s V-line face and makes the actress look youthful at the age of 34. UEE is also quite creative with her bob style: when she makes it face-hugging with blended bangs, UEE looks chic and elegant; but with her hair curled and center-parted, she looks way more free-spirited 

Kim Seo Hyung

In the K-drama “Mine”, actress Kim Seo Hyung completely wooed the audience with her unisex and fatal vibes. Her layered bob cut with beach bangs really makes the actress’ angular face look deadly alluring, and her messy hair styling combined with form-keeping hair wax exudes elegance like a true rich business woman. 

Shin Min Ah

Despite having a round face, Shin Min Ah shines in the basic bob style. The silky and flowy short hair of the actress is extremely fitting for an office setting, while her messier hair style looks more fashionable and chic. Most noticeable out of all though, is Shin Min Ah’s sweet wavy look gives off a classy young lady vibe. 


Yoona is well-known for having a visual reminiscent of a naive first love, and so looks extremely gentle and elegant in a flat bob with side-swept bangs. However, when she adorns a layer cut, the actress looks more rebellious and strong. Even now, Yoona’s layer cut remains a trend among young people, which speaks volumes of her beauty with this hairstyle. 

Go Jun Hee

In “She Was Pretty”, Go Jun Hee was basically a Korean style icon. Her pixie hair cut, black choker, and colorful accessories even trend-setted a whole new style. In fact, Go Jun Hee used to have long hair before this hit K-drama, but did not manage to stand out until she turned to pixie hair. Ever since, Go Jun Hee continues wearing her hair short, and her visuals has only shined brighter than ever. 

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