6 black-hair goddess with their elegant and mysterious charms

K-Pop beauties such as Jisoo, Irene, Shu Hua,…are all complimented for their traditional black hair.

Lia (ITZY)

Lia (real name Choi Ji soo) is one of the most famous ITZY members at the moment. Ever since her debut, the main vocal of JYP’s rookie girl group continuously appears on many debate topics of K-Pop communities.

Lia has a very unique beauty even though she is not the visual of the team. Her facial features are soft and very oriental. Ever since her debut, Lia has always been loyal to her long black hair. The female rookie’s vibe is said to be very diversed, from mysterious to elegant.


The eldest of BLACKPINK is one of the top visual of K-Pop nowadays. Her beauty is soft and sharp at the same time, which fits perfectly with her group’s girlcrush concept. Every time they appear on red carpet events of awards shows, Jisoo will always be in the center of attention for her outstanding visual and high-fashion vibe. However, in daily life, she is a very friendly and lovely girlfriend-next-door.

Jisoo has tried many different hair colors such as purple, red, brown,…however, to fans, she fits best with the traditional black hair. In June, for the Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot, Jisoo shone with her black hair and red lips concept, for which she was called “Miss Korea”. Fans even demand YG to give Jisoo an acting chance so that her beauty won’t go to waste.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Throughout her debut era, Irene is always seen in ombre or bright hair colors. After that, Irene starts to change into more mature and elegant darker colors, among which black is the best one. This hair tone helps bring out Irene’s mysteriously attractive vibe from her cold charm and perfect face. Black hair also suits well with the mature make0up and fashion of Red Velvet’s leader.

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Tzuyu is always seen as one of the top visual of the 3rd generation idols. This beauty from Taiwan is known for her alluring, sharp features with a hint of sadness in her eyes. Tzuyu’s perfect oriental beauty reaches maximum strength when her hair is dyed black.

At the Idol Sport Athletic Championships in 2016, Tzuyu has left a legendary moment of her graceful shot during the archery competition. With her long black hair, a calm expression with alluring eyes, she was like a goddess coming out from a manga.

Shu Hua (G)-IDLE

Shu Hua was picked by CUBE to be the visual of (G)I-DLE. This Taiwanese idol is known for her fair skin, pure features with long black hair. She is even compared to beauties from Chinese historical dramas and movies. Even though her visual is outstanding, Shu Hua is still not a well-known member of (G)I-DLE. Her face expression is still very simple and her Korean pronunciation is not very fluent yet.

Kyul Kyung (Pristin)

Right from the moment she appeared on “PRODUCE 101”, Kyul Kyung has been in the center of attention for her sharp beauty. The black hair does nothing but accentuates her unique beauty even more. When she is active as a member of I.O.I or PRISTIN, Kyul Kyung always shines. Even though she is a Chinese, this born-in-1998 idol is still widely loved by Korean fans. However, due to the terrible management of PLEDIS Entertainment, PRISTIN has disbanded after 2 years. At the moment, Kyul Kyung is busy with her personal schedule in China.

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