5 Korean dramas that honor independent women who lead their own lives

These series left a great impression on K-drama fans with stories about strong and independent women.

In typical romantic Korean dramas, male characters are handsome, talented and good at taking the lead in relationships, while women are always portrayed as weak and passive. However, the trend of stories centering on women has emerged in Korean dramas recently. Many female leads don’t need to look too strong but the way they live the life they want and boldly face any difficulties impress many viewers.

1. Thirty Nine

Thirty Nine” is the last drama Son Ye Jin filmed before she got married. Telling the stories of three female leads with different personalities, “Thirty Nine” honors the value of women. Without a successful career, a beautiful love story, or a wealthy family background, the three main characters of this drama prove that they deserve love and respect. Facing the last moment of their lives, they still shine as the brightest and the most beautiful flower in their own life. 

2. Search: WWW

This work also gives its spotlight to the female characters. “Search: WWW” centers on three women who work in two rival web portal companies. Instead of engaging in the fierce competition for success, the three become best friends. Together, they help each other and try to decorate their beautiful lives with good values.

3. True Beauty

Women are defaulted to being beautiful, so beauty is what worries them a lot. In “True Beauty“, the unfortunate heroine was born ugly as well as grew up being bullied and isolated because she was not pretty. She uses make-up products to change her life, but the two boys who love her do not care about it. They know her bare face and love her because of her face along with her kindness, sincerity, purity. The drama inspires girls about the journey of self-improvement and self-love, then luck and love will smile upon you.

4. My Name

My Name” is a series about Ji Woo’s (Han So Hee) revenge journey. She is a member of the Dongcheon gang who infiltrates the police force as Oh Hye Jin to seek revenge for her father’s murder. From a lone female student, Ji Woo becomes strong and resilient to face the harsh life and cruel people who took away her happiness.

5. Mr. Sunshine

In “Mr. Sunshine“, Ae Shin (Kim Tae Ri) is a noblewoman who is respected by people. Her life was supposed to pass peacefully as she grew up rich and had an arranged marriage with another wealthy nobleman, but Ae Shin did not want that. She wants to fight for the freedom of the nation, for the oppressed people. The drama is a journey in which she secretly participates in the war to protect the country then stumbles upon the painful fate of her life. Strong and resilient like a warrior, putting aside customs to follow the ideals of life, Ae Shin is truly worthy of respect.

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