43-year-old actress Lee Yo-won still looks as young as a college student despite being a mother of 3 children

Actress Lee Yo-won showed off her ageless beauty that people can’t believe she is a mother of 3 children.

On January 13th, Lee Yo-won uploaded a video on her Instagram and told fans about her recent status.

The video showed Lee Yo-won looking at her mobile phone during a break at the filming site of JTBC’s new drama “Green Mothers Club”.

lee yo won

Even in a short video of 2 seconds, the unrivaled youthful appearance of Lee Yo-won, who is turning 43 this year, could be seen clearly. The actress caught the eyes of netizens with her white skin, distinctive facial features, and beautiful long straight hair.

In particular, the bangs cut neatly made Lee Yo-won look like a college student. This detail helped Lee Yo-won’s young-looking appearance stand out even more. Her outfit set of a neat shirt inside a padded jacket with military pattern also doubled the beauty of her pure and simple image. Looking from various angles, it is still hard to believe that Lee Yo-won has already become a mother who has a 20-year-old eldest daughter.

In 2003, Lee Yo-won married a professional golfer 6 years older than her and held her first daughter for the first time in her arms in the same year. She then gave birth to her second daughter in 2014 and her third son in 2015.

Meanwhile, JTBC’s drama “Green Mothers Club”, starring Lee Yo-won,tells about the true friendship of parents in the “Green Mothers’ Association”. It is scheduled to air the first episode within this year.

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