4 pretty and talented idol-turned actresses who deserve more attention 

These female idols don’t get enough credit as actresses. 

Having both pretty visuals and good acting skills, the following 4 idol-turned actresses are still underrated. They are all hard-working actresses, but lots of K-drama viewers don’t remember them. 

1. Bona (WJSN)

Bona is currently drawing much attention thanks to her role in Twenty Five, Twenty One. Bona’s acting is so good that most viewers mistakenly thought she is a rookie actress, not an idol. Bona actually made her acting debut in 2017, but it was not until Twenty Five, Twenty One that she got her first breakout role. Her previous dramas such as Girls’ Generation 1979, Radio Romance, The Secret of the Grand Mansion: The Missing Girls are quite unfamiliar to the audience. 

2. Jiyeon

Having actress-like visuals and aura, Jiyeon can pull off a variety of characters, from protagonists to villains.  However, despite being multi-talented, Jiyeon has not been able to get her big break in acting. This is because most of the dramas Jiyeon starred in recorded low ratings and failed to gain much attention from the viewers.

3. Sooyoung (SNSD) 

Sooyoung‘s acting career is more difficult than those of other SNSD members such as Yoona and Yuri. Despite taking on leading roles in dramas since 2012, Soo Young has been unable to find a role that is good enough to boost her acting career. ”So I Married An Antifan”, the recent project she starred in, did not leave much of an impression on the audience.

4. Hani

Compared to the names mentioned above, EXID Hani is probably the most unfortunate case.  Because, despite entering both the television and movie fields, until now Hani has not been mentioned by the public as a real actress. Moreover, Hani’s acting ability is good, even better than the rookie cast, but she still can’t attract attention.  More unfortunately, “Idol: The Coup” – her latest project reached the top of the Korean dramas with the worst rating in history when the whole series did not reach 1%.

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