4 notorious sasaeang fans of K-Pop: pretty and rich but with sick personalities

Stalking, sexual harrassment,…are what these girls have done to their male K-Pop idol.

Duckie Choy

This is a sasaeng fan famous for being extremely hard-headed. This Hong Kong girl constantly follows Hwang Minhyun of NU’EST and updates on her Instagram very close photos of this male idol.

Aside from following Minhyun, Duckie Choy has even trespassed into “PRODUCE 101” dorm. This sasaeng fan has went into the trainees’ rooms, rummaged through the boys’ luggage and laughed at this on her SNS: “Heck, Seems like there’s nothing delicious inside. They all bring along a bunch of snacks hahaha.”


EXO’s leader was once followed and sexually harrassed by a girl named Rion. This is a Japanese sasaeng fan and Rion is her nickname. Suprisingly, this girl has started her life as a sasaeng fan since she was only 16 and she used to be the masternim of “Moncheri” for Suho and Chen.

According to EXO-L, Rion always excessively showed her love for Suho. She has sent him napkin which has her lipstick stain on it, followed him to every event, constantly uses dirty and obscene words to plead the EXO leader to have sex with her. Suho also knows about the identity of this girl. He is very upset when this girl takes his photos and always refuses her gifts.

Lu Yao

There are countless videos of this crazy sasaeng fan called Lu Yao doing unacceptable things to the BTS’s members. She once tried to talk to V and Jungkook at the airport but failed to do so. Everytime she follows the boys, Lu Yao always picked the most flamboyant fashion and make-up to got the attention from the members but has never succeeded.

ARMY said: “This girl has appeared on BTS’s return flight to Korea. She always followed them, this is getting too much. We hope that the agency will tighten security. Don’t let this happen again. This is not the first time she is following BTS so please add her name to the blacklist. Please respect BTS’s privacy.”

Big Hit has reacted immediately after that by posting a detailed list on BTS’s fancafe, of fans who are banned from joining future events of BTS. According to the list, Lu Yao is in the blacklist because she “followed the artist on flights from Jan 1st 2019 to Jan 14th 2019.


Just like the aforementioned sasaeng fans, LChan is known to be a crazy girl who follows Suga (BTS) anywhere anytime. On her Instaggram, there’s a compilation album of many close-up shot she has taken of the male idol, there was even a photo of Suga holding up his phone to warn LChan for stalking him.

Doesn’t seem to care about ARMY’s threat, LChan still hasn’t stopped her sasaeng fan life. On June 17th, this girl has uploaded a photo taken at the stadium where BTS is preparing for the “BTS MUSTER” before the show. No one knows how LChan got into this area when the event still hadn’t started yet.

Source: tinnhac

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