4 K-dramas from JTBC with 0% viewership ratings this year

2021 is not a lucky year for Korean dramas released by JTBC. 

Recently, on Pann Nate, a netizen made a compilation of 4 JTBC dramas in 2021 with a disappointing rating of 0%. 



Highest viewership rating: 2.2%

Lowest viewership rating: 0.9%

Starring Song Kang and Han So-hee, Nevertheless depicts the story of an uncertain romance between two college classmates majoring in arts, Yu Na-bi, who just got out of a toxic relationship and is pessimistic about love but still wants to date and Park Jae-eon, a flirty guy who enjoys fooling around with girls without being in a committed relationship.

Live On (*aired until 2021)

Live On (*aired until 2021)

Highest viewership rating: 1.3%

Lowest viewership rating: 0.4%

The rating of the last episode aired in 2021 is 0.7%

Starring Hwang Min-hyun, Jung Da-bin, set in a highschool, Live On portrays the romance that begins when Baek Ho-rang, the school’s top popular girl takes part in the broadcasting club looking for someone who is anonymously unveiling her past secrets she is worried to be exposed. 

IDOL: The Coup

IDOL: The Coup

Highest viewership rating: 0.7%

Lowest viewership rating: 0.3%

Starring Ahn Hee-yeon, Ahn Sol-bin, Han So-eun, Chu So-jeong, Kim Ji-won, IDOL: The coup tells the story of members of a failed idol group and their desperate efforts to not face disbandment and achieve their dreams to stand on stage. 

The One and Only 

The One and Only 

Highest viewership rating 2.4%

Lowest viewer rating 0.5%

(Currently broadcasting~)

Starring Ahn Eun-jin, Kim Kyung-nam, Kang Ye-won and Park Soo-young, The One and Only is a melodrama about three dying women who happen to encounter in a hospice and decide to team up and take down one bad person with the restricted amount of time they have left. Through uncanny incidents, they get involved in a murder case and are faced with one special person who will turn their life around.

Some comments from netizens: 

[+69, -27] Didn’t “Nevertheless” do well though? Its ranking on Netflix was very high. It must be because of the age restriction and late broadcasting time. Han So-hee became a hot topic as well.

[+54, -4] 1. People watched them on Netflix. 2. People watched them on YouTube

[+42, -8] Live On was fun

[+20, -0] Wasn’t “Live On” a web drama?

[+18, -4] “Nevertheless” was continuously on Netflix’s TOP10 drama list, so we can’t judge it on its ratings.


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