16-year-old rapper of YG’s new boy group caught attention for looking like V (BTS) and Lee Min Ho, but he sounds totally different from how he looks

 The soon-to-debut male idol of YG is currently attracting attention for his look, reminding fans of many Korean handsome male celebrities, but the surprising thing is that his voice … is totally irrelevant to his look.

The news that YG will officially debut a brand new boy group called TREASURE in July is making Kpop fans excited because they have been waiting for this boygroup’s debut since the survival show YG Treasure Box at the end of 2018. TREASURE’s performance is still uncertain yet the member Watanabe Haruto of the group is already gaining attention of netizens thanks to his gorgeous visuals, even being compared to V (BTS) and Lee Min Ho.

 Haruto suddenly created a buzz after the screenshots of him in the “3 Minute Treasure” video were spread widely. The male idol has sharp facial features, sharp jaw and high, straight nose bridge.  Looking at the TREASURE member, many people cannot help but think of famous visuals like “The King” Lee Min Ho or V (BTS).

Some netizens admire that from many angles, YG’s rookie idol has the similar facial features as his seniors. Notably, despite his handsome look and impressive height of nearly 6 feet, Haruto is only 16 years old this year (born in 2004).

Haruto is one of the 4 Japanese members of TREASURE and takes on the role of deep bass rapper in the group.  Ever since joining the survival show “YG Treasure Box”, the rookie has made a strong impression on his appearance and outstanding talent.  Not only did he take first place in the rap position, but he was also one of the first four trainees to make a debut in TREASURE’s lineup.

Notably, although Haruto has the visuals of a flower boy, his voice … is different from his appearance.  The Japanese member has a sweet look, but when he starts speaking, he shocks everyone because of his low, magnetic voice.  Listening to Haruto rapping coolly in the YG show 2 years ago, no one thought that he was … 14 years old because he sounded like an experienced man.

However, the deep rap voice is the “weapon” that helps the male idol attract the audience and bring unique colors to his covers as well as TREASURE’s songs.

Having stunning visuals and outstanding talents with a distinctive voice, Haruto proves that many idols are talented regardless of their age.  Not officially debuted with TREASURE yet, but the member born in 2004 has become a “hot” name to netizens, through which many predict that the male idol will be even more explosive in the future and have the potential of becoming one of the most popular idols of Kpop’s 4th generation.

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