15-year-old idol group, the reason why bullying rumor broke out

Jo Kwon explained 2AM’s bullying rumor.

MBC’s “Radio Star”, which aired on July 13th, featured Jo Kwon, Kim Jong-min, Honey J, Dawn and meenoi.

Jo Kwon

Jo Kwon mentioned the bullying rumor while delivering the news of 2AM, which made a comeback as a whole after 7 years. He said, “It was our first comeback in 7 years and first concert in 9 years. The concert was originally scheduled to be held in February, but it was postponed because I tested positive for COVID-19.”

Jo Kwon

He continued, “Following me, Lim Seul-ong and Jeong Jin-woon were also diagnosed with COVID-19. Chang-min is the only one who wasn’t infected. Rather than worrying about the confirmation of COVID-19, I received more text messages asking ‘Doesn’t Chang-min talk to you guys?'”

Jo Kwon

Then, why is Lee Chang-min the only one among 2AM members who was not infected? Jo Kwon made everyone laugh by explaining, “Chang-min sleeps at 10 PM and wakes up at 5 AM. He wakes up when others sleep, so he has no occasion to meet people.”

Source: Wikitree

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