10 Korean series and films coming to Netflix next year that will make you want to renew your subscription 

Netflix’s K-contents are expected to sweep the world in 2023 as well.

“Squid Game” recorded the highest number of viewers in Netflix history, and became the first non-English drama to win six Emmy Awards. Series released in 2022 such as “All Of Us Are Dead”, “Narco Saints”, “Model Family”, and “Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area” are also popular.


From next year, Korean content of more diverse genres and styles will be released one after another. Among them are new seasons of “Squid Game”, “D.P”, “Hellbound”, “All Of Us Are Dead”, “Juvenile Justice”, and “Sweet Home”. 

Here is the lineup of three Korean Netflix movies and seven series that will come out in 2023.

1. Jung_E

Director Yeon Sang Ho of “Hellbound” returns with the sci-fi film “Jung_E” this time. “Jung_E” tells the story of the 22nd century, when a civil war breaks out in a shelter made by mankind, where it is no longer possible to live on Earth due to climate change.


Kang Soo Yeon, who won the Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival for the first time for a Korean actor, plays the head of a research institute trying to make a brain-cloning robot a success.

Kim Hyun Joo plays Jung_E, the subject of the brain cloning experiment, and Ryu Kyung Soo plays the research director who tries to make the experiment successful.

2. Believer 2

The sequel to the movie “Believer”, which became very popular as soon as it was released in 2018, will be made into a Netflix movie.

believer 2

It depicts the story of Jo Jin Woong, who plays Won Ho, a detective who works with a drug dealer in an attempt to shut down a psychotic and hazardous cartel kingpin.

Besides Jo Jin Woong, Cha Seung Won, Kim Dong Young, Lee Joo Young in the first movie, Han Hyo Joo and Oh Seung Hoon join the cast of the sequel.

3. The Match

Lee Byung Hun and Yoo Ah In teamed up for the first time in “The Match”. Yoon Jong Bin, director of “Narco Saints”, participated in the script.

the match

“The Match” is based on a true story about the confrontation between two legendary players in the Korean Go world, Cho Hun Hyun and Lee Chang Ho. 

4. The Glory

Writer Kim Eun Sook, who created popular dramas such as “Descendants of the Sun” and “Goblin”, joined hands with Netflix for the first time.

Song Hye Kyo took on the role of Dong Eun, who dropped out due to brutal school violence during her high school days.

the glory

Dong Eun waits until her bully grows up, gets married and puts her child in elementary school, then becomes the child’s homeroom teacher to execute her revenge.

5. Murder DIEary

Trustworthy actors such as Son Seok Koo, Choi Woo Shik, and Lee Hee Hoon met in “Murder DIEary.”

Murder DIEary

“Murder DIEary” is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name. It depicts the activities of an ordinary man who accidentally kills a serial killer and a detective chasing him.

Choi Woo Shik plays Lee Tang, the college student who committed the murder, Son Seok Koo plays the detective Toy, and Lee Hee Joon plays the former detective Song Chon.

6. Black Knight

“Black Knight” is also based on a Naver webtoon of the same name.

In 2071, when it is impossible to live without a respirator due to severe air pollution, the legendary Knight 5-8 meets Sa Wol, a refugee who dreams of becoming a knight.

Black Knight

Knight 5-8 is played by Kim Woo Bin, Sa Wol is played by Kang Yoo Seok. Esom plays Seol Ah, who takes care of April like a family. Song Seung Heon plays the only heir of the Cheonmyeong Group, who controls the world with oxygen as a weapon.

7. Gyeongseong Creature

A lineup of actors with solid acting skills, such as Park Seo Joon, Han So Hee, Su Hyun, Kim Hae Suk, Cho Han Chul, and Wi Ha Joon, appear in “Gyeongseong Creature”.

Writer Kang Eun Kyung of “Dr. Romantic” wrote the script, and director Jung Dong Yoon of “Stove League” took charge of directing.

Gyeongseong Creature

It tells the story of Gyeongseong’s greatest asset man, Jang Tae Sang (Park Seo Joon), and Gyeongseong’s best informant, Yoon Chae Ok (Han So Hee), as they team up to fight against monsters in Gyeongseong in 1945.

8. Song of the Bandits

“Song of the Bandits” is an action melodrama in which the people of Joseon, deprived of their livelihood during the Japanese colonial period in the 1920s, attack Japan.

Song of the Bandits

Kim Nam Gil took on the role of Lee Yoon, a thief who protects the Joseon people in Gando.

Seohyun plays Nam Hee Shin, an independence activist disguised as a pro-Japanese.

9. A Time Called You

It’s a remake of the famous Taiwanese TV series “Someday Or One Day”.

A Time Called You

This drama tells the story that takes place when Jun Hee, who continues to miss her boyfriend who died a year ago, accidentally travels back in time to 1998 and meets Si Heon, who looks exactly like her boyfriend.

Ahn Hyo Seop, Jeon Yeo Bin, and Kang Hoon star in this work.

10. Goodbye Earth

This series is about people living 200 days until the collision between the Earth and an asteroid.

Goodbye Earth

What will happen in the chaotic world ahead of a predicted end?

Ahn Eun Jin plays Jin Se Kyung, a middle school teacher who tries to protect children in danger, while Yoo Ah In takes on the role of Yoon Sang Eun, Se Kyung’s longtime lover and a researcher at a biotechnology research institute.

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