Zico is preparing to stand alone … “Incomplete Block B”

Zico is said to be preparing to go solo, leaving Block B.

Zico’s contract with his current agency “Seven Seasons” expires in November. Usually in three months before the end of the contract, artists will search for new agency.

The manager said “Zico would not do Block B activities anymore,” and “He also said “I’ll go alone” when receiving calls from the agency or the crew.

In fact, Zico is indeed doing his individual activities. A manager from the music industry said, “He has been carrying out the schedules through our agency this September.” “However, after that, the schedules and the activities at the end of the year are being directly discussed.

On another note, Zico began his music career as an underground rapper at the age of 19. Since then, he has been active as an idol group member and of course, a solo artist.

Sources: Dispatch

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