Zhao Wei’s name Removed from All Films, TV Shows, Platforms; A Big Purge is Coming

The rumor that Zhao Wei was “banned” came to light unexpectedly as a slew of films, TV shows and platforms progressively removed the actress’s name.

The fact that Zhao Wei is subjected to a very stressful implicit ban is the hottest drama on Chinese social media tonight. Accordingly, the actress’s name was removed from several popular films, television shows, and presentation platforms. Every minute and second, Chinese bloggers are required to be up to date with the latest news. It may be argued that the media has carried out an intensive ban on Zhao Wei.

Zhao Wei’s super-topic has been removed from Weibo.

On the evening of August 26, Zhao Wei’s super-topic hashtag was officially removed on Weibo. This action by Sina serves as a reminder to the public that once the controversy broke out, social networking sites also took a firm and highly severe attitude, like what it had done to Kris Wu and Zhang Zhehan. For an artist, the removal of the super topic means the end of their career.

A series of blockbuster movies associated with Zhao Wei’s reputation deleted the actress’s name.

A Blogger updated the movies that deleted Zhao Wei’s name this evening. The actress’s name in the introduction of many famous dramas such as Han Zhu Gei Gei part 1-2, Deep Love & Rain, Painted Ski, Moment in Peking, The Epic of a Woman, Tiger Mom,… wholly disappeared.

Meanwhile, the first two parts of Han Zhu Gei Gei were officially removed from the website, leaving only the third part (starring Lu Hai, Huang Yi, and Qin Lan).

TV shows hastily deleted episodes starring Zhao Wei as a guest.

Zhao Wei has garnered a lot of attention over the years as a guest star on several popular series. However, the TV show “Trump Card” has currently removed two episodes in which Zhao Wei appeared as a guest.

In addition, the TV show “Chinese Restaurant” is being asked to remove 2 parts that Zhao Wei attended.

iQiyi removes all content related to Zhao Wei

iQiyi, China’s largest presenting platform, took drastic measures to eliminate Zhao Wei. After searching the phrase, there are no longer any video or TV episodes related to Zhao Wei that pop up on this platform.

Chinese internet users are currently holding their breath in light of the media’s strong attempts to “block” Zhao Wei. Many people believe Zhao Wei’s career will soon come to an end following Zhang Zhehan’s banishment from showbiz.

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