Zhao Li Ying had to self-criticism when she was the first Cbiz star to be banned from posting by Weibo because of her fans

After the war between the fans of Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo, the Weibo studio and fandom of the actress’s fans were banned from posting.

On the evening of August 25, on her Weibo, Zhao Li Ying posted an article to send a message to the media and her fans about the scandal between the actress’s fandom and Wang Yi Bo‘s. This incident was so serious that, for the first time in history, just because of a war between the two fandoms, Zhao Li Ying became the first artist whose account, the studio’s fanclub, and a series of hard fans were blocked by Weibo.

In her article, the actress shared: 

“As a celebrity, receiving everyone’s love, it is a responsibility to lead and bring positivity. For the influence of this incident, I also need to deeply reflect on myself, and make the following suggestions:

I sincerely hope everyone can have civilized, peaceful discussions and really calm statements on social media. We must have our own independent thinking, be responsible for our own words and actions. Let’s trust each other, grow together, build a peaceful online community, a healthy internet environment.

Zhang Li Ying vs Wang Yi Bo

In the future, whether online or in real life, I hope everyone will focus on and discover the good things in life, actively pursue and promote positive energy, and contribute to the creation of creating a clean and developed network environment”.

The source of the fierce battle began when there were rumors on social media that Zhao Li Ying and Wang Yi Bo would reunite in a work called “Chris Lee”. Although there has not been any confirmed news, Zhang Li Ying’s fans have created a strong protest wave, changed their avatar photos in bulk. Many hard fan accounts with a large number of followers voiced their affirmations that they will not support propaganda for the film if the actress signs a movie contract with Wang Yi Bo.

Zhang Li Ying vs Wang Yi Bo

The controversy reached the climax when the global fanclub of Zhao Li Ying called out fans to oppose Zhao Li Ying’s collaboration with a junior who is 10 years younger than her. Due to this intense argument, Weibo decided to ban the fanclub and many hard-core fans’ accounts of the actress from posting. Up until now, Zhao Li Ying’s studio has just published a notice to correct fans’ attitudes. However, because of the late reaction, the Weibo studio of the actress also banned from posting for 15 days. 

Zhao Liying has become the first artist to be prohibited from using SNS by Weibo. A long time after the controversy broke out, the actress has finally voiced her statement related to the scandal.

Zhang Li Ying vs Wang Yi Bo

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