Yuna (ITZY) is constantly mentioned amidst Somi’s controversial debut

Netizens highly appreciated the talent of Yuna – the girl who was chosen to replace Somi’s position in ITZY.

Recently, Jeon Somi’s debut is the hottest topic. She debuts with the single “BIRTHDAY” which is produced by The Black Label – a label under YG Entertainment. Even though it was highly anticipated, Somi has failed to meet the expectation of the Korean audience. Many is disappointed with her stage skill and lack of youth confidence even though it has been 3 years since “Produce 101” season 1.

Yuna (ITZY) is constantly mentioned amidst Somi’s controversial debut
Somi at her debut showcase.

Amidst many topics about Somi, ITZY Yuna’s name is constantly mentiones. Before, Somi was in the predebut line-up of ITZY and her center position in this rookie girlgroup of JYP was so ensured. However, after Somi suddenly left JYP, Shin Yuna was chosen to be in ITZY at the last minute. This born-in-2003 rookie replaces Somi’s visual position.

Yuna (ITZY) – “DALLA DALLA” Fancam
Somi – “BIRTHDAY” Debut Stage

Netizens seem to prefer Yuna over Somi. In February 2019, ITZY debut with much success. Among the members, Yuna impressed with her bright and energetic aura. On stage, she shows off her attractive performance which adds to ITZY’s trademark teen-crush concept. Even though Somi has had many experience from Produce 101 (2016) and her time as a part of I.O.I (2017), she is still criticized as being talentless and awkward stage presence.

Some comments said: “It’s a relief that Somi didn’t stay with ITZY. Thank you JYP for having such a good decision”, “Somi has had many years of experience but she is still worse than Yuna in terms of performing”, “Somi’s biggest mistake is deciding to go solo. Now her career is so bland and unable to compare to ITZY’s”, “While Yuna’s performance made me so happy, while Somi’s drained away all my mood”; “This is the price a betrayer has to pay”,…

Yuna (ITZY) is constantly mentioned amidst Somi’s controversial debut
Somi used to be in ITZY’s predebut line-up…
Yuna (ITZY) is constantly mentioned amidst Somi’s controversial debut
Before Yuna replaces her.

Before this, Somi’s action stirred up a controversy after she seemed to have mock her former agency. She once showed her support for BLACKPINK while mocking TWICE. This action disappointed many JYP fans. During her showcase, when asked about why did she leave JYP Entertainment, Somi has said that it was because of the difference in her and the agency’s music style and her departure only happened after many discussion with the former agency.

Source: iOne

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