YouTuber Keemstar and Void have received fierce criticisim for using footage of the late Jonghyun’s funeral to diss K-pop fans

On March 24, YouTuber Keemstar and Void released a Kpop stan diss track. The track “All Stans Are The Same” was created to diss the fans of K-Pop and insulted many K-pop fans worldwide. The diss track includes lines such as, “All Stans are the same, they rotting in my brain… make one tweet and these stans getting bitter.”


The incident became more serious when fans discovered that these two YouTubers had used footage of SHINee Jonghyun’s funeral to mock the Kpop industry with the lyrics, “I wonder why latley [sic] man they all commiting [sic] suicide.” This aroused painful memories of Kpop fans in general and Jonghyun’s fans in particular. 

Netizens got angry because these two YouTubers did not respect Jonghyun. They have left comments criticizing Keemstar and Void on social networks, asking these two YouTubers to apologize to Jonghyun and Kpop fans.

Source: Allkpop, Twitter, YouTube

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