Youth With You 3: BLACKPINK Lisa is extremely adorable with her pet cat

Lisa appeared with a very cute image in the show Youth with You 3.

The TV show “Youth With You 3” revealed the latest image of Mentor Lisa (BLACKPINK).  In the recent episode, Lisa wore a fancy outfit, and at the same time created a highlight with a pretty cute bun.

She even hugged a cat and kissed it with lips.  Looking at this mischievous image, some viewers shared that they no longer recognize a sexy Lisa in BLACKPINK’s MVs.

Lisa was born in 1997 in Thailand.  She is the most famous member of BLACKPINK with attractive beauty and outstanding dancing ability. The female idol takes part in Youth With You seasons 2 and 3 as a dance coach. Her enthusiasm, humor, and friendliness have captured the hearts of many audiences.

During this third season, Lisa was unable to go to the studio to directly guide the trainees.  She can only chat, share experiences and guide trainees online.

Lisa fell asleep while filming "Youth With You 3"

In the broadcast episode not long ago, Lisa sympathized with the emotional story of a trainee’s family and expressed her thoughts: “My birthday this year, just a few weeks ago, my grandfather passed away. The last time I met my grandfather was about 2 years ago. At that time, we held a concert in Thailand and he even came to see it.  I want to say goodbye to him, but I think he will always be by my side. And so is your father”.

After saying this, Lisa even cried.  To have the success today, the BLACKPINK member has experienced many difficulties and hardships.

Source: afamily

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