”You’re so pretty”, E’Dawn adoringly posted photos of Hyun-ah on his Instagram

E’Dawn showed off his affection for Hyun-ah. He posted pictures of her on his Instagram on the 3rd.

Hyun-ah was laying down somewhere and looked at the camera. She showed off her sexy charm with strong eyes and deep red lip.

The atmosphere was deadly with her wearing a white see-through dress and made a bold pose. It gave me the audience a dreamy feeling.

E’Dawn showed his deep love for his girlfriend. He posted the picture himself on Instagram with a caption “You are so pretty“.

Hyun-ah was full of mischief. She also uploaded a video of E’Dawn and added “Don’t dig your nose” as the caption.

They recently signed a contract with P-NATION. They had also revealed that they were working on a comeback.

Meanwhile, Hyun-ah and E’Dawn are still deeply in love after their confirmation in September last year.

Source: Dispatch

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