YoonA’s votes were excluded unreasonably, her fans massively decided to boycott of the AAA award ceremony

The AAA awards continue to be controversial when YoonA’s numerous votes disappeared for no reason.

With less than a week left to vote for the AAA awards, fans of YoonA decided to boycott the AAA because of a suspicion that the awards ceremony had cheated the votes. Having gone through two rounds before, YoonA was always the leader. However, IU’s votes suddenly increased and occupied the top spot. Fans said that the AAA awards excluded YoonA’s 100 thousand votes unreasonably.

In order to vote for their idols, YoonA’s fans have to pay for the votes. Fans have tried their best to help the idol win, but the number of votes that fans have paid has been ruled out for no reason.

When fans found out this unreasonable behavior, they posted the #AAACheat hastag to ask the organizers to give an explanation and restore the votes. However, the AAA has quietly erased the history of fans’ buying tickets. This sneaky behavior of the AAA has made YoonA’s fans extremely angry and announced to boycott this award ceremony.

Sources: k14, TWT

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