Yoona (SNSD) is fully booked with 5 new movies to be aired

It is not exaggerated to say Yoona is the most hard-working actress of this year as she already received the calls to act in 5 new movies.

On the morning of September 13, Korean media reported that Yoona had officially been confirmed to form a couple with the rising actor Kim Seon Ho in a movie called “2 O’Clock Date”. The movie has been scheduled to be released in 2022. Therefore, “2 O’Clock Date” became the 5th movie project that Yoona was cast in, making her the most hard-working actress at the moment.


Yoona was confirmed to be the female lead in the movie starring Kim Seon Ho

Before accepting the offer for “2 O’Clock Date”, Yoona had already finished the filming for 3 movies, such as The Miracle (to be premiered on September 15, 2021), Happy New Year (starring Han Ji Min, Lee Dong Wook, Kang Ha Neul,…), and Confidential Assignment 2 (starring Hyun Bin). In particular, Yoona plays the main role in these 3 films. Besides, she is currently filming for Big Mouth with Lee Jong Suk. Due to her tight schedule, it seems like the audience would have to wait for a long time until “2 O’Clock Date” is premiered.

Although Yoona used to receive negative reviews when she first turned into acting, she is currently the most hard-working idol in the acting field. She may not be comparable to the experienced actors, but she has improved a lot. Seeing her confirming new projects continuously and tirelessly, the viewers have given many compliments for Yoona’s passion.

“2 O’Clock Date” starring Yoona and Kim Seon Ho, is a rom-com movie that tells a fairytale-like story in the daily life of an upstairs boy when he meets a downstairs girl who holds an unexpected secret. After bumping into each other various times, the two begin to have feelings for each other. This movie is directed by Lee Sang Geun (director of “EXIT”) and is scheduled to be aired in 2022.


Having been working with each other before, this is the first time that Yoona and Kim Seon Ho act in the same movie.
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