Yoon Doojun, Lee Kikwang, Yook Sungjae, etc’s bachelor degrees to be cancelled….Cube is still confirming

Degrees of Yook Sungjae and former members of  BEAST including Yoon Doojoon, Yong Jun-hyung, Lee Ki-kwang and Jang Hyeon-seung, which were issued by Dongshin University, will be cancelled.

On the 14th, the Ministry of Education held the first meeting of the Education Trust Restoration Promotion Foundation and announced the results of fact-finding surveys of universities related to injustice in degrees.
According to the survey result regarding Dongshin University, which was suspected of giving preferential treatment to idol singers last year, the cancellation of the degree of those in question was demanded.


According to a survey released by the Ministry of Education, Dongshin University recognized the unauthorized absence of seven celebrity students who did not attend school classes and gave them credit. Dongshin University explained that there is a department policy that admits broadcasting activities as attendance, but it is invalid because there is no provision to delegate matters related to attendance to the department.

Therefore, Dongshin University’s degrees of Yook Sungjae and former members of  BEAST including Yoon Doojoon, Yong Jun-hyung, Lee Ki-kwang and Jang Hyeon-seung were asked to be cancelled.


It is known that Folk singer Chu Gayeol has encountered a similar situation. In addition to the cancellation of the degree, his appointment of a second-term professor will be nullified.

Regarding this, a Cube Entertainment official told OSEN that they were still trying to confirm the issue.

Sources: Osen

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