Yoo Young Jin and Teddy was selected to be in “The 50 Greatest Artists of the 21st Century”

Yoo Young Jin and Teddy are considered outstanding artists of the 21st century

Billboard recently released a list of ‘The 50 Greatest Producers of the 21st Century’ through their official website. SM composer and producer Yoo Young Jin, a former famous R&B singer, and YG producer Teddy, a former member of the hip-hop group 1TYM, were included in the list. Billboard added that “We have selected 50 of the most innovative, influential and important producers since the 2000s.”

Teddy, who ranked 21st on the list, has expanded his career as a producer since his debut as a member of 1TYM in 1998, He is a representative producer in Korea responsible for a number of hits by YG artists such as Big Bang 2NE1 Black Pink. 

When introducing Teddy, Billboard also mentioned Big Bang, 2NE1 and Blackpink, and said, “Explosive sounds, and he produces bangers that draw frequently from hip-hop and EDM but has dabbled as far as reggae and country, too.”

In addition, Billboard also praised Yoo Young Jin, who ranked 37th, “A crucial cog in the SM Entertainment machine, Yoo Young Jin’s blaring keys and insistent dance beats have helped propel Korean pop acts to stardom for well over 20 years now”. Billboard added Super Junior’s ‘Sorry Sorry’ and Red Velvet’s ‘Butterflies’ as Yoo Young Jin’s representative works.

Yoo Young Jin has been a composer and producer for the past 20 years, who has produced a number of global hits and albums for popular singers such as BoA ‘Fly to the Sky’, Shinhwa, Girls’ Generation. He is also well known as a Korean R&B singer who has received a lot of love for his hit song “Your Scent.”

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