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Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Yeon Seok collided head-on over the story “Should I sell the luxury ring given by my ex-boyfriend?”

Members of SBS’ entertainment program “Running Man” had a heated debate over whether to dispose of luxury ring given by ex-boyfriend.

On Feb 26th, “Running Man” conducted a game in which members selected “Sell” or “Don’t Sell” based on viewers’ stories to acquire coins.

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Viewer A, who sent the luxury ring story, said, “I’m an office worker in my 30s who loves ‘Running Man’ very much. I sometimes wear the luxury ring that my ex-boyfriend gave me as a gift. Because it’s pretty. I don’t have any personal feelings.”

She then asked, “Recently, my current boyfriend found out. Do I really have to sell this ring?”

Most of the Running Man members agreed that she should sell the ring even if her current boyfriend knows it or not.

However, Yoo Yeon Seok, who appeared as a guest, expressed his opinion, “You don’t have to sell it. It’s okay if you don’t wear it. Your current boyfriend won’t tell you to sell it, either.”

Song Ji Hyo assisted, “If you don’t give it a meaning, it’s just a normal ring.”

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Yoo Jae Suk refuted, “Giving a ring between lovers has a great meaning. Considering the meaning of this ring, you should understand your current boyfriend’s mind. Sell it quickly.”

Netizens commented that the shape of the luxury ring on the broadcast is similar to that of the French high-end jewelry brand “Boucheron”.

If the above-mentioned viewer’s ring is a product of Boucheron, it is known that the model with diamonds is 9.9 million won and the model without diamonds is 5.77 million won.

Source: wikitree

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