Yoo In Na caused a stir with her charming character image in “Snowdrop”

The first photo of Yoo In Na ai Snowdrop has been revealed.

After a series of teasers and images revealing the image and relationship of the main couple JisooJung Hae In, recently the Snowdrop team revealed the first look of Yoo In Na.  Her image surprised the audience because even though she was 39 years old, Yoo In Na was still young and beautiful.

Yoo In Na image in "Snowdrop"
  • Who would believe she’s 39 years old
  •  She’s almost 40 years old but I thought she was Youngro’s classmate
  •  You’re so pretty, you’ll always be 20 years old, unnie
Yoo In Na image in "Snowdrop"

Yoo In Na will play Kang Chung Ya, a surgeon at a state-run hospital, in the drama. Her character is described as a talented doctor as well as a woman who can seduce anyone in an instant, she also appears to be hiding a lot of secrets. It’s unclear how much influence Kang Chung Ya will have on the storyline, but the secrets she’s trying to keep will undoubtedly make things difficult for Youngro (Jisoo).

Yoo In Na image in "Snowdrop"

Talking about the charm of her character, Yoo In Na once shared:”I discovered that she was much sexier than I thought when we started working seriously. She was beautiful and intelligent, but it was impossible to tell what was hidden inside her.  .”

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