Yoo Chae Young passed away from stomach cancer, her husband gloomily said “You are my only wife”

It has been 7 years since the death of Yoo Chae Young, who had devoted delightful laughter to the public.

Yoo Chae Young debuted as part of the group Punsudeul (“Idiots”) in 1989, and in 1994 she was active as a member of the mixed group Cool. She was the sole female but had her hair shaved, the concept made her a hot topic, and after that, she met her fans as a solo singer.

With her versatility, she also showed up as an actress. In 2002, she starred her first role in the movie ‘Sex Is Zero’, and her delightful acting skills were recognized through the following works: ‘Sex Is Zero 2’, SBS ‘Marrying a Millionaire’, ‘Fashion King’, and KBS 2TV ‘The Fugitive of Joseon’.

She married a businessman in 2008, who is one year older than her. Yoo Chae Young and her husband developed into lovers after 10 years of friendship. Their love made a lot of people envy. “She couldn’t be more feminine than this,” her husband told a press conference on the day of their wedding. “In daily life, she looks like an angel,” the husband boasted her overflowing affection.

However, in October 2013, Yoo Chae Young was diagnosed with gastric cancer at the final phase, and she made a full recovery with surgery and chemotherapy. She continued her broadcasting career but eventually passed away on July 24, 2014, next to her beloved family at the age of 41.

There are many people still missing Yoo Chae Young as a star had fallen early. Especially, her husband, who was left alone, confessed in 2018, “It’s been four years since my honey went away. Even if 10 years pass or 20 years pass, I will always remain Yoo Chae Young husband. ‘Cause you’re my only wife I love. I promise,” leaving the viewers gloomy.

Source: Nate

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