Yongsan is V’s road… ARMYs are holding various events near HYBE’s office building to celebrate BTS V’s birthday

A wave of celebrations for BTS V’s birthday spread around the office building of BTS’ agency HYBE, transforming Yongsan area into “V’s road”.

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To celebrate V‘s birthday on December 30th, fans are holding various birthday celebration events around HYBE‘s office building.

V‘s Chinese fan club “Baidu Taehyung Bar” hosts various birthday events around the office building. In the park next to HYBE‘s office building, a theme park under the theme of “V’s Music Road” was built after obtaining permission. At night, purple lights that illuminate the park are decorated romantically. In addition, sculptures have been installed for fans who visit the park to take a picture with V.

LED advertisements installed at bus stops around HYBE‘s office building will be broadcasted along with voice messages, and a birthday celebration event will be held on an outdoor billboard equivalent to 500 square meters of a large building opposite HYBE‘s office building, allowing visitors to enjoy a variety of festivals.

Yongsan is V's road

V Inside” and the Japanese fan page “Tae Tae Universe (BTSV_JP)” have arranged birthday celebration sculptures, a Christmas tree and a photo zone next to HYBE’s office building to entertain fans.

V‘s fan page “V Pintor” also said that they had prepared happy birthday banners as well as the “Tae Tae Road” embroidered with V’s photos.

Yongsan is V's road

V‘s fan pages “ONNF” and “STUCKONYOU” are holding an event with photos and congratulatory messages showing V‘s activities on the DID digital advertising screen at Sinyongsan Station. Meanwhile, Japan’s “JPGO” carried out a digital advertisement on the subway at Sinyongsan Station, conveying the message, “We hope V’s future will be full of love, laughter and happiness.”

There is also a bus celebrating V‘s birthday on Yongsan’s roads. V‘s fan page “Tae Tae Japan” shared, “We miss Taehyung, and we will wait for the day to meet him again with cherry blossoms.

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