YG’s top dancer lost in a legendary dance battle due to her opponent’s “lucky stumble” on stage?

Not hesitating to kick in each other’s face, the dance battle featuring YG’s top representative dancer was extremely intense.

The first episode of Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter has officially aired. In this episode, many pairs of dancers went head to head to determine the weaker ones in the No Respect round. One of the battles that were called legendary by other contestants took place between Yeri (YGX) and ZSun (CocaNButter).

Yeri is considered “Korea’s B-Girl representative”, a contestant that many other dancers have to acknowledge and fear. Meanwhile, ZSun is a veteran dancer with a knack for dancehall (a music genre with bold American tones). The battle was extremely intense when the two dancers constantly provoked each other, even kicking in each other’s faces that shocked the judges.

Despite having a good performance with outstanding skills, Yeri unexpectedly lost with an overwhelming final result of 3 – 0 in favor of ZSun. The reason comes from ZSun’s “lucky fall” when ZSun accidentally tripped on Yeri’s feet. However, thanks to her experience, ZSun neatly handled the situation with a “legendary” split that decided everything. The whole studio and the 3 judges burst into excitement at how she came back from her fall.

Thus, the YGX dancer had an unfortunate loss despite being considered the strongest B-Girl. Many viewers expect Yeri to soon “bounce back” from her loss and showcase more unique dance moves in the upcoming rounds of the competition.


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