YG’s stock price hits a record low, fans demand a solo comeback from Rosé (BLACKPINK)

After a series of scandals from YG artists, it seems like this agency’s crisis still haven’t ended yet.

Morning of July 18th, YG Entertainment’s stock price was recorded to be at 26.000 won, which is 5,63% less than that of yesterday and is currently the lowest in the past 52 weeks. Comparing to the highest price in January (50.800 won), YG’s stock has lost 50% of its price.

This crisis came from a long scandal series for the past 6 months from Seungri’s “Burning Sun Gate” to Yang Hyun Suk’s allegation of prostitution procuring and B.I (iKON), T.O.P (BIG BANG)’s drug case.

BIG BANG’s ex-member Seungri…
…and Yang Hyun Suk are all under the police’s investigation.

In the evening of July 17th, the police have announced: “After analyzing through documents and given testimonies, we now officially see Yang Hyun Suk as a suspect and will soon start an internal investigation.” This acts as a fatal punch to the already down stock price, bringing it to a record low.

Amid these bad news, netizens are giving very different reactions. Some say the artists should run away to avoid the crisis, while BLACKPINK fans believe that their idol is now the only solution left for this agency. Many demand YG to give Rosé a solo debut to save the situation. Earlier this year, Yang Hyun Suk has promised about solo debuts for BLACKPINK members, and Rosé would be the first one to follow Jennie. However, for half a year full of world tour schedules, there is still no sign of a solo debut for Rosé.


However, most netizens say that Rosé alone cannot save YG from this crisis. Even BLACKPINK’s comeback in April couldn’t do anything to the falling stock price then. Even the girls’ tour to North America, Europe and Asia are not enough to convince the investors.

From a big agency of the Korean entertainment industry, YG Entertainment is now facing countless hardships. In Jan 2019, YG’s value was 834,7 billion won but has fallen to 487 billion won on July 18th. The new CEO, Mrs. Hwang Bo Kyung, said that they would have a complete renewal to survive and grow. However, not many people believe in that. If the agency fails to recover their stock price before October comes, YG will have to return 67 billion won to the investor Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy (LVMH).

Source: iOne

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