YG’s official statement about Jennie accusation of violating quarantine rules

YG has spoken up to clarify Jennie’s controversy of violating quarantine rules.

On April 17th, YG stated on Newsen that Jennie visited the arboretum for filming and cleared up the accusation.

On April 14, Jennie shared several photos of herself at an arboretum in the city of Paju, along with the caption “An outing.” on Instagram. One of the photos depicted the hands of seven different people holding up ice cream. This caused some people to speculate that she may have violated South Korea’s current ban on private gatherings of five or more people.

The arboretum also uploaded a post on their blog to clear up the situation by saying Jennie visited the place for work, she mentioned how beautiful the tulips were and speculated to took the photos after work.

YG might have thought this was not a big matter to speak up at first so it took them 3 days to give out official statement.

Until April 16th, there were 673 new cases of Covid-19, 7937 patients and 1790 deaths.

Source: Naver

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