YG’s female trainees rushed to the company’s headquarters in the middle of the night. YG’s new girl group is about to debut?

The latest image of the YG female trainees has led many to speculate that this company is about to launch the “younger sister” group of BLACKPINK.

Not long ago, the financial report from Hana Financial Group mentioned the possibility of YG Entertainment will release a new female group in 2021. This information is even more reliable when fans have recently recorded a scene of some female trainees rushing into YG headquarters in the middle of the night.

In the video recorded by fans, 5 female trainees left the car and entered the company’s headquarters.  This makes many people speculate that YG’s new group is likely to include 5 members.  However, the numbers may change, the official lineup is only announced before the debut date.  Although the video did not reveal much about the trainees, the fact that the girls rushed to YG late at night caught the attention, leading to speculation that they were preparing for their debut.

YG's female trainees 2

Rumors that YG was planning to debut the new girl group appeared from the beginning of 2020. Initially, there was a rumor that the company would introduce this girl group from July to December this year.  The new girl group is more likely to be named Baby Monsters or BAEMON after YG has copyrighted these two names.  In October, an employee ambiguous mentioned the above project through an Instagram post and quickly deleted it, making fans even more excited.

However, YG is famous for the “Mars calendar”, remember they introduced the Future 2NE1 lineup in 2012, but after many changes of plans, it wasn’t until 2016 that BLACKPINK was released.  Therefore, unless the company officially announced it, it is not certain that a new girl group will debut in 2021.

YG's female trainees 3

However, Kpop fans are still extremely excited by the possibility that YG will release a brand new girl group, especially when BLACKPINK has debuted for more than 4 years, the remaining 2 companies in BIG3 have gone ahead in the 4th generation race.  JYP has ITZY, SM just released aespa and received great attention, it’s time for YG to produce a new girl group to counter the two opponents.

YG's female trainees 4
YG's female trainees 5

Netizen commented:

 – They were like going to the headquarters to pick a debut date

– Well, YG has to release the 4th generation girl group.  SM, JYP all released them.  I am afraid that BLACKPINK will prepare a comeback every 2 years.

– If they debut next year, the rookie award will be fierce.

– It seems that YG has closed YGNGG’s roster (the fan name temporarily calls the new girl group).  Recently, some trainees have officially left, now fans are waiting for information about the new girl group.  After SM’s aespa, I quite expect the new girl group of your company!  Does that work carefully, YG!

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