YG Yang Hyun-suk’s sexual services → money laundering suspicion…the same story with Seungri

Yang Hyun-suk, the head of YG Entertainment who has been embroiled in allegations of sexual favors, is suspected of tax evasion and money laundering this time.

Yang Hyun-suk, the head of YG Entertainment who has been embroiled in allegations of sexual favors, is embroiled in allegations of tax evasion and money laundering this time. Due to these suspected illegal acts, Yang seems to be going on the same path with Seungri who was summoned 17 times.

A media outlet on June 4th quoted an informant as this person raised suspicions of the illegal flow of funds between Yang Hyun-suk and the club NB in Hongdae and the evidence destruction by Yang Hyun-suk after the Burning Sun incident.

Yang Hyun-suk is reportedly not the manager of Club NB in Hongdae and Gangnam in Seoul, but is the actual owner. “From the time the club opened to date, every time we settled our profits, a large amount of cash would go to Yang CEO,” an anonymous source said. “The amount of cash that was delivered to Yang CEO in the past must have been enormous“.

This media outlet questioned the illegal connection between the club NB and Yang, saying it was “unusual” that cash was delivered to him if it was not owned by Yang. If Yang Hyun-suk only received this money as a part of his profit as an investor, the unreported cash could still be charged as tax evasion.

Suspicions have also been raised about the destruction of evidence by Yang Hyun-suk. “As the Kakao Talk conversation became the key to the “Burning Sun” investigation, I discovered that all the related people have taken concrete steps, including changing mobile phone devices,” the informant said. “We also know that the club’s sales records have been newly created in order to prepare before the tax affairs’ investigation.”

Yang Hyun-suk is also under suspicion of sexual favors. Earlier on April 27, MBC’s exploration program “Straight” raised suspicions that Yang had given sexual favors to two Southeast Asian financiers in July 2014. At that time, YG countered that it was a “groundless truth“.

But within a week, Yang Hyun-suk was embroiled in another scandal. The police have already begun an internal investigation into the alleged sexual favors. Some of the controversies surrounding Yang are so similar to Seungri, which started with sexual favors and added to charges of prostitution and embezzlement, which have been investigated by police.

Seungri, who has been playing dumb for quite a long time but eventually admitted to his alleged prostitution, is drawing keen attention to the current situation as to what truth will emerge about Yang Hyun-suk.

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