YG still refuses to answer about EXO Kai and BLACK PINK Jennie’s break up

YG Entertainment insists on staying silent when asked about EXO Kai and BLACK PINK Jennie’s break up.

The entertainment media SBS FunE reported on the afternoon of August 25 that Kai and Jennie had split up. According to the report, the two recently decided to end their relationship and return to being senior and junior.

Kai and Jennie have been the talk of the town since they became the first couple to be revealed to the public in 2019. However, they are at the center of attention once again by announcing the news of their breakup just a month after they admitted it.

In relation to this, however, Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment remained silent. Previously, they said nothing when the dating news was revealed. They also seems to be avoiding an official announcement this time.

On the other hand, Kai’s agency SM Entertainment responded by saying, “Kai and Jennie are indeed separated.

Sources: Nate

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