YG removed “Jennie” from BLACKPINK Jisoo’s solo MV?

A curious silhouette in the teaser of BLACKPINK Jisoo’s “Flower” MV was removed from the final MV version, drawing attention. 

After much anticipation, Jisoo’s “Flower” MV was officially released. As Jisoo is the last BLACKPINK member to officially go solo, Korean and international fans alike rushed to witness as soon as the MV was dropped. As a result, within just 1 hour of release, “Flower” has placed high on Korean music charts, while its MV recorded more than 6.5 million YouTube views.

Jisoo in the “Flower” MV

As keen-eyed fans watched the “Flower” MV closely, however, a curious difference between the teaser video and the final MV was detected. In particular, at the 6th second of “Flower”s teaser video, a black silhouette appeared by the door in the background, and fans initially joked that this is a “special cameo” from BLACKPINK member Jennie. 

However, when the official MV was released, the black silhouette completely disappeared. It seems that it was never meant to be there, and YG has quickly realized and fixed this detail in the final MV. 

A black silhouette, which fans joked to be BLACKPINK Jennie, appeared in the MV teaser
However, when the final MV was released, the black silhouette completely disappeared

On the other hand, Jisoo’s solo debut has been receiving mixed opinions. While most people praised Jisoo’s visuals, her fitting voice, and the song’s catchy beat, some complained that Jisoo’s vocals were lacking, even showing doubts about the live performance. 


On April 9th, Jisoo will perform her first stage for “Flower” at the Inkigayo music show. This will undoubtedly be a performance that attracts the attention of domestic and international fans alike, and a chance for the female idol to prove haters wrong. 

Source: k14

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