YG’s new actor Jang Ki Yong that about to be Song Hye Kyo’s next screen lover, who is he?

The movie “My Roommate Is A Gumiho” officially aired at the end of May 2021, has been attracting the attention of a large audience across Asia. Jang Ki Yong as the male lead quickly became a hot topic of discussion among netizens, suddenly becoming a new generation screen god after only 2 months of the drama’s broadcast.

And yet, Jang Ki Yong is also confirmed as the new “screen lover” of Song Hye Kyo in the movie Now, We Are Breaking Up, scheduled to air later this year. The excellent visuals and information related to the private life of this YG Entertainment actor are gaining attention.

The male actor has an unique beauty with the same tilt angle as Song Hye Kyo’s ex-boyfriend – Hyun Bin

Jang Ki Yong easily impresses the opposite person thanks to his extremely handsome face, statue-like lines, and sweet, sunny smile. He has a high nose bridge, attractive lips, and sharp facial features. Many viewers commented that the actor born in 1992 has a perfect tilt angle, quite similar to the cult senior Hyun Bin. Thanks to this feature, Jang Ki Yong attracted a lot of attention when he was a beginner.

Jang Ki Yong was born in 1992, is a professional model, and works under the powerful companies YG Entertainment and YGKPlus. He turned to act in 2014 with a small role in the hit work It’s Okay, That’s Love. 4 years later, he persisted with supporting and guest roles in a series of television productions.

It was not until 2018 that Jang Ki Yong received his first lead role in the movie Come And Hug Me. This year, he became a phenomenon thanks to My Roommate Is A Gumiho. Success came quite late, but it was totally worth Jang Ki Yong’s efforts to pursue the acting career. This year, he has a project that promises to cause a storm called Now, We Are Breaking Up, in collaboration with star Song Hye Kyo.

The model transformed from a skinny body to a perfect body, all thanks to hard work in bodybuilding

Jang Ki Yong is 1m87 tall, originally a model. Therefore, one of his highlights is his endlessly long legs that many admire. Few people know in the past that the actor had a thin, unattractive body. Thanks to hard work in bodybuilding, Jang Ki Yong now has an ideal body with 6-pack abs, a muscular chest, and muscular mass.

The ability to sing and rap surprises the public

Jang Ki Yong is known to the public as an actor and model, under YG Entertainment. But his artistic talent did not stop there. In many shows, the male artist has proven that he can sing and rap extremely professionally. Many viewers mistakenly believe that Jang Ki Yong was trained to become a Kpop idol in the past. He even demonstrated his ability to “shoot raps” in a row no less than the artist on the show Tribe of Hip Hop.

A complicated love profile as the love stories in the movies

Up to the present time, Jang Ki Yong has been entangled in love affairs with all 3 beauties. In particular, the most noticeable is the rumor that he broke into the love story of Hyeri (Girl’s Day) and Reply 1988 actor Ryu Jun Yeol. Rumors arose after people continuously witnessed intimate moments between Jang Ki Yong – Hyeri at backstage, shows when they were together promoting the movie “My Roommate Is A Gumiho”.

Jang Ki Yong’s company denied the suspicion of love with co-star Hyeri. Along with that is a photo of Hyeri happily dating Ryu Jun Yeol taken by passersby, which extinguished the love rumor between the beautiful Girl’s Day and Jang Ki Yong, and helped the actor be vindicated. After all, despite the top-notch chemistry in the movie “My Roommate Is a Gumiho”, Jang Ki Yong and Hyeri were just close friends like siblings, so they had such unreserved intimacy.

Previously, Jang Ki Yong admitted to dating actress Lee Ye Na, but the couple broke up in 2017. In addition, the actor born in 1992 was also entangled in rumors of dating a former gymnast Son Yeon Jae after netizens discovered that both of them uploaded pictures of Busan’s seascape on their personal page on the same day. Before the storm of rumors, the representatives of the two sides quickly denied it, asserting that they had never even met each other.

He was also caught up in rumors of dating the beautiful athlete Son Yeon Jae. However, the actor’s representative confirmed that this is just a fake news.

The movie Now, We Are Breaking Up that Jang Ki Yong collaborated with Song Hye Kyo has not officially aired. However, right now, netizens have hotly argued about the two main actors.

Song Hye Kyo is famous for her attractiveness to male partners, every time she acts in a movie with someone, she is in trouble with that person. Therefore, many viewers think that Jang Ki Yong may be the next man to appear in the love profile of the beauty of the Song family. In fact, everything is just speculation from the online community and there have been no dating rumors related to the two main actors in Now, We Are Breaking Up.

Source: K14

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