YG & MIXNINE: Giving an opportunity to be promoted or criticized?

The audience are more and more confused about Yang appa’s development plan as well as his comments in the show MIXNINE produced by YG.

Since first days after broadcasted, MIXNINE – the variety show of YG Entertainment – has been a hot topic which got a lot of attention. Especially, in recent episodes, the appearance of Yang Hyun Suk – the president of YG – could not stop the audience from giving comments on this “survival” show. The reason was that, every time “Yang appa” appeared as a judge of MIXNINE, he always had shocking statements.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

MIXNINE – a variety show for singers – is getting more and more attention in Korea.

MIXNINE is known as a show that recruits outstandingly talented trainees who are supposed to be well-known, but the audience are wondering about the sincerity of Yang Hyun Suk in supporting idols’ career. “His purpose is not clear, will he really teach them, or just show off his power? If the 2nd case is true, that will be a nightmare instead of a dream”, a comment that was agreed by a lot of netizens.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

“Yang appa” usually gave straight comments which were not nice at all during MIXNINE.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

This made many candidates moved and cry.

It’s not only about the doubt of MIXNINE’s plan which was developed by “Yang appa”. The conversation between the president YG and Kim Sori – the former singer of group CocoSori – used to be “thrown bricks” because of their too straight comments: “You are not young anymore. In terms of an idol, it’s time for you to retire”. The comment of Yang Hyun Suk was not considered as a positive one at all.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

The president of YG used to be seriously criticized for his too straight comment on aged idols.

Mentioning about the recently hot conversation, Jerrk.k, a Korean rapper, officially raised his voice and was one of the first people to discuss Yang Hyun Suk’s way to face a problem in MIXNINE. Analyzing the conversation between “Yang appa” and the 28-year-old singer, he said: “Yang Hyun Suk commented that 28 years old is too old to be an idol, which shows how generous this industry is”.

kpop, YG, mixnine, Jerry

Rapper Jerry did not hesitate to comment on the points of view of YG’s CEO.

Besides, Jerry.k also took an example from YG Entertaiment because YG’s famous idols debuted when they were “old”, such as Park Bom and Sandara Park (debuted at the age of 25). This proved that, Yang Hyun Suk’s recent comments were in contrast to what he did in the past. Again, netizens kept talking about this analyzation.

yg, mixnine, dara, park bom

Park Bom and Dara debuted as idol singers together with 2NE1 when they were aged.

Back to Yang Hyun Suk’s comments, they are personalized opinions of a person who does not have a careful and clear plan to approach idols. A representative of a small Korean entertainment company used to say that: “The Kpop industry develops more and more because it always accepts variety and diversity. However, Yang Hyun Suk will “let someone down” and say that they make a mistake, if they do not meet his qualifications”.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

“First, the president Yang is right, if he is wrong, please read the first sentence again” – this seems to be a hidden rule that was set by “Yang appa”.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

Will Yang Hyun Suk really have a sense of fairness as he used to confirm,

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

…this is still a curious question to the audience.

YG, Yang Hyun-suk, mixnine

At the moment, it’s hard to conclude whether MIXNINE is fair or not because we have to wait until “the end of a movie”.

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