YG letting iKON come back for the 4th time a year, do they only care about ‘money-making’ groups?

The YG idols are having continuous activities, while some other YG artists have no schedules at all. Is it true that YG only cares about groups that can make a lot of money?

Recently, YG Entertainment has announced that iKON will be releasing a new repackage album called “New Kids”. This is the 4th comeback of iKON in Korea. This year, the boys have been working really hard.

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iKON will come back for the 4th time this year

The thing is, while iKON are busy with their comebacks, other artists of the company had to suffer from a lack of activities, such as CL, Lee Hi, Suhyun (Akdong Musician), and Park Bom. This is somewhat a clear ‘discrimination’. Winner and BLACK PINK also had only one comeback. Moreover, iKON members even once revealed that the CEO and company only changed their attitudes when the group achieved impressive results with “Love Scenario”. That is why Kpop fans have been saying only the idols who can make money are valued by their companies.

Despite hinting about coming back for many times, CL and Lee Hi have not really come back. As for Suhyun, the fans had hoped that Suhyun would release some solo songs while his brother Chanhyuk enlisted, but all that Suhyun did was to open a YouTube channel and participate in entertainment shows.

Besides, Jennie (BLACK PINK) will also have a solo debut after only 2 years of activities. A lot of KPOP fans said that it was unfair for the artists who had helped build the company, criticizing YG Entertainment for caring only for the money, and “this is not the same company which used to be a family like before”.

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