YG issued a ban, but Lisa (BLACKPINK) and iKON have had an unexpectedly close relationship

It turns out that Lisa (BLACKPINK) and the senior group iKON do not have to completely keep the distance from each other like the company’s ban

The dating ban imposed by YG Entertainment is well-known among Kpop fans. Idols of the different sex have had to avoid contacting and greeting each other since they were trainees in order to avoid developing feelings and causing needless controversies.

YG’s idols of the oposite sex, on the other hand, do not always stay away from each other. With her appearance in iKON’s performance at Kingdom on May 20, Lisa (BLACKPINK) caused a social media frenzy. In addition to her stunning appearance and charm, her behind-the-scenes contact with iKON members wowed fans. Turning back the clock, despite YG’s ban, Lisa has been incredibly close to the senior members of the group since their debut, and their relationship has now been exposed via the show. As it turns out, YG idols aren’t always required to keep their distance from one another as the rules dictate.

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Ikon lisa
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Although they did not perform together on stage, at the backstage, Lisa and iKON members interacted happily.
Ikon lisa
This reminds people of the time when they used to interact closely behind the scenes when they debuted
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Bobby teases Lisa on the stage of Busan One Asia Festival 2017
Ikon lisa
At MAMA 2016, Chanwoo also teased Lisa
Ikon lisa
YG fans probably can’t forget the image of Lisa appearing with DK and senior Seunghoon (WINNER)
Ikon lisa
Since 2016, iKON has given Lisa an autographed album with messages from the members

Source: k14

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