YG gave up so IKONICs call to quit because they know their idols will lose at MAMA

Besides, the number of votes for MAMA also fell dramatically and almost all fandoms are not enthusiastic to vote anymore even though the last day to vote is approaching.

Mnet Asia Music Awards – MAMA 2018 is scheduled to be held on December 10th, 12th and 14th in Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. And as every year, MAMA opened its award polls a month before the official award ceremony, but compared to previous years, this year’s polls marked the most serious decline in the history of this award ceremony.

After 3 weeks of voting, MAMA‘s fourth week of voting surpassed 9 million valid votes, all of the top 18 nominees in the third week of voting continued to hold their spots as the vote proportion only changed a little bit. However, MAMA this year also witnessed a sharp decline in the number of votes each week. In particular, in the first week of voting, MAMA received 3.6 million votes, in week 2 only 2.3 million valid votes. Over week 3, the voting portal recorded an accumulation of 1.7 million new votes while by the fourth week, the number declined to… 1.4 million votes. Comparing the two numbers of week 1 and week 4, MAMA 2018 organizers are also struggling because the heat of the voting round this year reduced, while every year this is the time when the votes reach the highest increase due to the fandoms’ “voting war.”

It is even rumored that SM and YG are joining hands with boycotting MAMA, which has made the fandoms of the two companies less active in the race to vote, iKONICs even tell their fandom to give up because last week, Mamamoo, the heaviest rival to iKON in the “Best Vocal Performance” category, confirmed that they will be in MAMA 2018. And for the iKONIC community, this means that iKON‘s ability to win at MAMA 2018 without appearing to be almost zero.

And iKON?

The MAMA 2018’s voting round will officially close on December 9th, which is exactly 10 days from now.

Source: KClive