YG Entertainment finally changed their management plans for the 3rd generation idols

It was thought that YG ignored the audience’s reactions, but in fact, they have learnt a lot from experience for their artists!

Among 3 biggest entertainment companies in Korea: JYP Entertainment is usually complimented for their artists’ personalities, SM Entertainment is well-known for their artists’ attractive appearances as well as a number of dating scandals, and YG Entertainment is often praised for their artists’ talents.

YG Entertainment finally changed their management plans for the 3rd generation idols
YG artists: talented idols – trouble maker

However, people used to say that those talented people are often trouble makers. A talented artist also need an open and friendly environment to bring into play all of his abilities. YG Entertainment is a company like that. Their freedom policy helps their artists to develop themselves, but at the same time, it also puts them in big scandals related to law.

Been learning from experience in a long time, YG Entertainment finally decided to have a more strict management plan for their 3rd generation idols to avoid repeating the failures of their “sunbae” in the past.

Ban, ban, ban all!

If before, Big Bang was allowed to freely drive, drink, smoke, or date, now, all of these are completely banned by YG.

YG, ikon, winner, 2017
iKON and Winner are not allowed to do many things.

To 2 new boy groups – iKON and Winner, no matter how cool they are, they are banned to do those things. Winner shared that, their company do not allow the boys to buy a car or drive by themselves. The company will take care all of their transport. The reason is, Daesung used to cause a motorcyclist’s death due to his car accident, while Seungri drove over the speed limit and also caused another accident.

Apart from cars, YG’s male artists are currently not allowed to use skateboards, too. YG is trying their best to keep their idols’ images clean without scandals.

youtube, blackpink, rose, jennie, lisa, Cecsi , 2017-1
Black Pink is strictly managed by YG though they get attention from a lot of male idols

Dating is not even allowed. The president Yang Hyun Suk was very worried for BlackPink. When they were trainees, meal times of male and female trainees were arranged differently to avoid seeing each other. Even when an idol went to the convenience store, her manager would follow her. A lot of male idols liked Black Pink, but they did not dare to express their feelings because the girls were strictly managed by YG.

Smoking is a taboo to YG. After TOP and G-Dragon’s scandal related to marijuana drugs, then Park Bom’s drug scandal, YG bans everything that idols can put in their mouth and suck (except for straw). These regulations are seriously followed by young idols, so it is not surprising at all when BlackPink, iKON and Winner all have beautiful and clean images since their debut.

Change their idols’ styles

Before, YG Entertainment is known as cool, rebel and even odd styles even in their music such as 2NE1, Big Bang. The reason is that YG has never highly appreciated idols’ appearance.

YG, bigbang, 2ne1, CL, Gdragon, 2009
Both 2NE1 and Big Bang are not appreciated for their appearance compared to other famous groups at that time.

After learning from experience, YG Entertainment finally change the way they manage new generation idols.

After the debut of Wanna One, the audience changed their point of view towards YG. Winner are not naughty and badass boys. They follow elegant and charming style. The color in their music is also different from Big Bang’s.
Winner has a unique style

If 2NE1 were usually criticized for their appearance, Black Pink is contrary. YG started to focus on idols’ appearance more. Black Pink members are not only beautiful but also elegant, especially Jisoo – who is a signature beauty of SM and used to be recruited by SM.

YG, ikon, bobby, handsome, 2017
Bobby has been more and more handsome than he was in very first days

Even the “not good-looking” rapper, Bobby, was also taken care by YG until… he got more handsome. Although they are not as attractive as “Lee Soman’s flower garden”, it is undeniable that the 3rd generation idols of YG have been more and more beautiful than previous generations.

More strict in solving troubles

If before, YG often ignored idols’ scandals and troubles, or solved them with letters or press release, they are stricter now.

Recently, a site published that Jennie (Black Pink) was dating with the producer Teddy. Immediately, YG sent an announcement saying that they would sue this site for publishing unreal rumor which affected both artists’ reputation. After that, the news was deleted.

YG, jennie, teddy, blackpink , jennie
YG said that they would sue the site publishing Jennie’s dating with Teddy

Moreover, YG also beat a journalist named K in a lawsuit. This person continuously made up fake news about YG’s idols on social networks. Seoul Eastern District Court proved that the news (about YG’s drug scandal) published by this journalist was not true. After that, K had to compensate 5 million won for each victim.

With these positive changes, hopefully the audience will have a friendlier point of view towards YG Entertainment!

Source: tinnhac, twitter, internet

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