YG could have done more for BlackPink during the last 4 years

Despite being one of the top Kpop girl groups today, the way YG organizes schedules and promotions for BlackPink during the past 4 years is being heavily criticized.

Recently, on May 21, YG Entertainment made a new announcement regarding the debut of a new boy group – Treasure – including the release of the first solo song for member Bang Yedam.  After just a few minutes, the information received a lot of negative comments from BlackPink fans and most of them criticized the way YG treated their idols.  

Comeback schedule

One of the biggest issues that often angers the fans is the way YG arranges BlackPink’s comeback schedule in their four years of active.  Officially debuting in 2016, the group used to have regular comebacks and this also helped them gain a lot of fans. In August of the same year, the group began promoting their first single, Square One, with two songs Boombayah and Whistle.

Only three months later, on November 1, BlackPink continued to release two new MVs for Playing with Fire and Stay (included in the second single – Square Two).  However, after this comeback, YG barely let BlackPink release new music.  During the three years of 2017, 2018 and 2019, the group only returned once a year and this is a very small number for a rising group like BlackPink.  Up to now, the group’s total number of songs is only 14.

Solo projects

At the end of 2018, instead of continuing to focus on group activities, YG let a BlackPink member solo debut and it was Jennie.  The female idol had a successful solo and therefore the company made a promise that the remaining members of the group would also go solo later.  Specifically, YG revealed that Rosé would be the next member to release her own music, then Jisoo and finally Lisa.

However, nearly two years later, this promise has yet to become a reality.  During that time, Rosé has covered many songs and she even held a live singing broadcast – confirming that she is fully qualified to be a top solo female singer.  However, YG still hides this talent for a long time and shows no sign of fulfilling the promise.

Unfair treatment

During BlackPink’s four years of active, one of the things YG has done wrong is treating the members unfairly. Jisoo probably is the member who has faced this the most. While promoting a sports brand, the photo of Jisoo completely disappeared and even her poster was not seen in some stores.  Not only that, in the teaser photo for Don’t Know What To Do dance practice version, fans could not even see Jisoo.

Limiting BLACKPINK’s appearance in music shows, variety shows, awards ceremonies

When a Kpop group promotes their music, appearing in music programs of big TV stations is quite common.  However, YG limited these activities to BlackPink.  Specifically, in the comeback with Kill This Love, YG only gave BlackPink one week to attend music shows and after that, the girls quickly left Korea to promote overseas.

Moreover, BlackPink is restricted from attending variety shows and year-end music awards.  While other groups are all present, YG does not bring the girls to award ceremonies despite their excellent performance. The number of variety shows BlackPink appeared in during four years is also small.


Soon, BlackPink will return with a pre-release track in June and an official full album in September. Once again, fans hope that in this comeback, YG will treat the group better.

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