YG continued to anger BLACKPINK fans with action that even surprised other fandoms

The BLACKPINK fandom recently has been quite sensitive because of Bang Yedam’s solo (TREASURE) solo, but it seems that YG has not left them alone.

During the recent time, the BLINK fandom had to go through unpleasant days.  Although the comeback is approaching and they have just had a successful collaboration with Lady Gaga, it seems that YG has not really paid attention to the activities of 4 girls.

What annoys BLINKs the most recently is that the company ignored solo plans of other members besides Jennie.  Accordingly, fans were expecting that Rosé would have a solo debut following Jennie but it has been a while and the company has not made any move yet.  In contrast, TREASURE – the company’s new male group is being strongly promoted.  Not stopping there, YG also allowed Bang Yedam to release a solo song even though the male trainee has not officially debuted with TREASURE.  The company promoted Bang Yedam on social media without even bothering to post about ‘Sour Candy’ to promote BLACKPINK’s song.

Immediately, BLACKPINK fans expressed their anger by constantly criticizing, trending hashtags, sending feedback messages, and even hiring trucks to run around the company to claim the rights of the girls.  Facing the pressure from BLINKs, YG posted a detailed announcement regarding each member’s solo plan on June 1.  However, just like the previous announcements, all timelines are quite general and it is hard to make fans believe because this company is famous for ‘breaking promises.’

When things didn’t calm down, YG continued to take action to ‘add fuel to the fire’.  Recently, BLACKPINK’s Japanese fanclub members all received new emails.  If they thought that this would be a notice about some activities of the girls, what they saw were ‘TREASURE ‘,’Bang Ye dam of TREASURE’, ‘WAYO’ Korean version to be out on June 5′.  It turned out that this was a promotional email for Bang Yedam’s solo debut.

Immediately, BLINKs got extremely mad. They were already very sensitive about Bang Yedam not yet debuting but could debut solo, but now YG even sent promotional emails so that BLACKPINK fans could know and support the rookie idol boy.  Many people are irritated that the Japanese fanclub accounts are paid membership, so it should only serve the purpose of the group and not the place to promote other artists.

While being angry, BLACKPINK’s fandom also realized that not only did they have to put up with these emails.  In fact, YG sent emails promoting Bang Yedam’s solo to all Japanese fanclubs of other groups under the company including Big Bang, WINNER and iKON.

Although other fandoms are not comfortable with this notice either, they seem to be less objectionable than BLACKPINK fandom. The reason is probably because BLACKPINK fans have always thought that YG treats the group unfairly. Many fans claim that if YG also promoted ‘Sour Candy’ enthusiastically like they did for the rookie group, nothing would have happened.

However, there are still some comments saying BLACKPINK fans are overreacting.  According to some fans, when BLACKPINK just debuted, YG also sent emails to Big Bang’s Japanese fanclub and other YG fandoms of YG groups. They explained that although this is not an appropriate action, this special way of promoting already exists, so BLACKPINK fans should not be too mad.  In opposition to this opinion, BLINKs are still angry because ‘promoting the debut’ is different from ‘promoting for solo release of a person who has not yet debuted’.

When this is spread widely on Kpop forums, many other fandoms were also quite surprised with YG’s action. They don’t understand why the company is promoting artists to the point where they send emails to paid fanclub membership – which is only for fans to receive exclusive information from their favorite artists.

 Many people commented: ‘YG promoted them to the point of sending emails to paid Fanclub?’, ‘Didn’t promote’ Sour Candy ‘but email to each fandom calling for support for Bang Yedam solo? This guy hasn’t even debuted right?!’,’It seems YG has done it before. It is difficult to understand.  Fans paid to receive mails about their idols!’,’If I paid the membership fee and got news from other groups, I might get angry too! ‘,’ YG thinks this is smart promotion? No wonder fandoms in this company hate each other!’…

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