YG confirmed “BLACK PINK’s new mini-album, worldwide simultaneous release at midnight on April 5th”

The tracklist for the group’s new EP album has been released. The agency also confirmed their worldwide simultaneous release at midnight on April 5th.

The teaser also officially announced that BLACK PINK’s new EP album will be released at midnight on April 5th. Since the local music charts were revamped, most new release started to follow a common rule which is to release at 6 PM, but Black Pink exceptionally confirmed the 0:00 release for simultaneous worldwide releases. At the request of Universal Music Group in the U.S., the decision was made to target not only the domestic but global market.

BLACK PINK’s title track “KILL THIS LOVE” is a song with a set of strong lead brass and grand drum sounds. On top of that, BLACK PINK members’ rap and vocals penetrated, clearly capturing the color of BLACK PINK’s music.

TEDDY and many other top producers, who have been with BLACK PINK since their debut, once again rallied for the new release. The lyrics for “KILL THIS LOVE” is written by TEDDY and Bekuh BOOM and composed by TEDDY, R.Tee, 24 and Bekuh BOOM.

In particular, the second track, “Don’t Know What To Do” after the title track “KILL THIS LOVE” was specified as a sub-title. The song is increasingly elevated following a calm, dreamy chorus, and the explosive drop part that follows is a perfect game-changer. The dimming and mournful lyrics inspire sympathy.

In addition, the company will introduce a much richer music spectrum with songs such as “Kick It” and “Hope Not.” You can also meet the remix version of the global sensation “DDU-DU DDU-DU”.

Black Pink grew into a global girl group representing K-pop through its first mini-album “SQUARE UP” last year that included “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. Fans around the world are paying attention to what kind of transformation BLACK PINK may have made with their new track “KILL THIS LOVE”.

In particular, the news of BLACK PINK’s upcoming release of “KILL THIS LOVE” has been highly anticipated in the U.S. ahead of their full-fledged entry into the country, featuring a large display at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, California. BLACK PINK who has emerged on the electronic display of the huge Beverly Center, which is known as a landmark in Los Angeles, has been making headlines on various social networking sites.

After the release of “KILL THIS LOVE” on May 5, BLACK PINK will be on stage on May 12th and 19th at the biggest music festival in the U.S, Coachella Festival. Starting from the 17th, they will embark on a tour of North America, which will start in Los Angeles, followed by six cities and eight performances, to visit fans around the world.

Sources: Nate

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